Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Monday September 19, 2016

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Monday September 19,
2016 Keating Residence, Springmount Ave.

Present: Linda DeGiorgio, John Keating (Chair), Harry Lay, Beth Marcilio, Florence Watts,
Peter Norman, Dave Meslin, Richard Kavanagh, Rosa Cordiano, Marie Goldthorpe, Brigid Higgins (recorder), Elizabeth Betowski, Kwanza Msingwana, Andrew Manson, Lois Wiber, Joan Wiber

Regrets: Mary Anne Quance, Margaret Smith

  1. Street Beautification
    1. Sprinkler system is experiencing ongoing problems. The City has been informed but no repairs to date. The City has agreed to install two benches on Rosemount Avenue. Thanks to Florence for organizing the effort. Copies of an interesting book on Toronto trees and another on mushrooms are available free of charge while supplies last at the Toronto Public Library.


  2. Planning, Zoning, construction
    1. Communcations update: Peter Norman reported that there are now 319 RHRA email subscribers. Numbers fluctuate as some unsubscribe and new interested parties subscribe.
    2. Dick Watt Memorial: Harry reported that the plaque in memory of the late Chairman Dick Watts is ready to be laid at the top of the Glenholme Steps. Tentative date for unveiling ceremony and party is Friday October 14th, 5:30 – 6:30. Reception to be held in Harry Lay’s garden, 2 Glenholme Ave. We need to advertise in advance via Facebook (David Meslin has created Facebook event page) the RHRA website and RHRA e-mails.
    3. Ward Boundary Review: John reported that the City initiative begun in 2014 to review the boundaries of municipal wards is nearing completion. The period for public consultation is now closed. The Supplementary and Final Reports will be submitted for consideration at the City’s Executive Committee meeting on October 26th. See following website for more information:
    4. Tree at OCI and future of Oakwood Collegiate: A tree planted by RHRA on the southwest corner of Oakwood and St. Clair West on the Oakwood Collegiate Institute grounds blew down earlier this year. This tree was annually decorated for the Carol Sing. John wrote to Richard Christie, Senior Manager, Sustainability at Toronto District School Board asking about a replacement. Mr. Christie says he will look at replacing the tree as part of an ongoing plan to landscape that corner of the OCI grounds. In the meantime, we need ideas for how to decorate for this December’s Carol Sing, now that the tree is gone.
    5. Future of Oakwood Collegiate: no decision has yet been made but it now seems unlikely that OCI will be closed. The TDSB is expected to close another area high school and merge it with another school. Regal Road daycare is now located at Oakwood Collegiate.
    6. Abandoned house at 16 Lauder: While some repairs have started, raccoons still seem to be in house. Brigid will try contacting Councillor Palacio.
      RHRA mandate on development principles.
      Early in the summer, a committee met to discuss what policies the RHRA should follow when deciding whether to intervene when developments are proposed for the area. John presented the results of a committee meeting. The ensuing discussion focused on two areas of concern: condo developments along St. Clair West and the desire to preserve the heritage nature of the Regal Heights area. Some houses in the area have been torn down and replaced with residences which are not in the tradition of the houses in the area. Some homeowners do renovations that involve multiple applications for “minor variances”. A copy of a letter written by Beth Marcilio, to the Committee of Adjustment and Minor Variances, objecting to a major addition being planned for 70 Regal Road was circulated at this RHRA meeting.

John and Harry confirmed that they are receiving a list of variances applied for in our neighbourhood. Peter felt the discussion points developed by the committee were not focused enough. He suggested that we look at a guideline developed for some neighbourhoods in Ottawa that allow citizens to have some say in architectural design. John and Harry to revisit the committee recommendations to come up with more specific policies.

  • Potential development 45-55 Springmount. Four community members who live in duplexes which may be slotted for redevelopment attended the meeting. They are concerned that the five duplexes may be sold to a developer and they will lose their homes. Options were discussed regarding this issue. A letter by resident Jenna Scott focusing on this issue was submitted to RHRA.




  • Special Events
    1. Greetings from Elizabeth Betowski, MPP Cristina Martin’s office
      Elizabeth spoke about the infusion of money for infrastructure from the Federal government and how the Province wants to see this money spent at the municipal level. The money will be spent
      in three areas: social (e.g. affordable housing for the elderly – facilities like Copernicus Lodge on Roncesvalles – and City of Toronto subsidies for child care), green initiatives, and regular spending (roads, transit).
    2. Syrian refugee update
      John reported that a family of seven has been chosen and the United Neighbours group is in contact, but it is still unclear when they will arrive. Please contact the RHRA if you would like to help settle this family. A police check is required for anyone wishing to work with the family directly.
    3. Street Mural Update
      Dave circulated a picture of the design for a street mural that will be painted on the pavement near 18 Lauder Avenue on October 2nd, all day. All are welcome to participate.
    4. Community Welcome Project
      Beth has addresses for two new families in the area. If anyone would like to take over this responsibility from Beth, please contact John Keating. Beth also reminded us that the next Pub Night is October 27th at the Fox & Fiddle on St. Clair near Lauder.
    5. Brainstorming ideas for new RHRA events.
      * rotating dinner. Groups of seven or eight could take turns hosting a dinner. If there is sufficient interest we could have several groups holding rotating dinners.
      * softball team
      * restaurant hopping
      * garden tour in Regal Heights


We’ll discuss these and other ideas at future meetings.



  • Police Community partnership
    Rosa reported that a man from the Dufferin Street and Roselawn Avenue area was charged by the police in a child pornography investigation. There have been car and house break-ins in the general area. Residents are advised to keep their car doors locked. Police emphasize that the community needs to report suspicious behaviour and should call (416) 808-2222 (Division 13).




  • Finances and membership
    1. Dave reported that there are 100 paid up members. Beginning January 1st the RHRA will switch from a November year-end to a calendar year-end. For anyone who now has a paid-up membership that membership remains valid until the end of 2017. Membership is only $10. You can join by clicking the link on the home page at
    2. Linda reported that there were 53 participants in the street sale this past June. Highview
      Avenue had the most households participating (12). $109.00 was collected to cover cost of advertising. Linda suggested that date for next sale in 2018 be decided in March of that year.)
    Finances May 2016 Sept. 2016
    Operating Fund $3,354 $2910
    Heritage Fund 992 992
    Mt Royal Bump-out (in trust) 745 745
    Street Sale (in trust) 150 150
    Petty Cash 133 122
    Total $5,278 $4950



Next meeting: Tuesday October 18. Location: Residence of Beth Marcilio, 79 Regal Rd.