Historic Brochure Shows Off Our Neighbourhood a Century Ago!

An historic brochure has been received from the principal of Oakwood Collegiate, Richard Nosov, showing the original plan of development for the area comprising Northcliffe Boulevard east to Springmount Avenue, and from Regal Road north to Rosemount Avenue.

The brochure, undated, was likely printed circa 1912 to 1914. The development was called “Northcliffe on the Hill”, and one will note in the brochure the many ambitious sentiments held by the developer for the former lands of the Bartholomew Bull farm. Photographs show a largely barren expanse of fields, with some leftover trees remaining in the Garrison Creek ravine.

Evidently, house lots were priced based on the lineal frontage of each lot, and factored in a prestige value that was dependant on the particular street. One will note the inclusion of several municipal rights-of way that have changed with the passage of time, as well as chunks of land still unbuildable due to an unforgiving escarpment.

Harry Lay