Privacy Policy

In accordance with the Personal Information Protection and Electronics Document Act (2001/2004) (PIPEDA)

Privacy Statement:
RHRA values the relationship it has with its members and is, therefore, committed to respecting privacy. We protect this privacy by maintaining personal information in confidence and securing it using appropriate safeguards. RHRA does not share, sell or trade information with other organizations without prior consent of the affected individuals.

Collection, Use and Disclosure of Information:
RHRA collects and uses personal information only for those purposes necessary to keep track of members, in accordance with PIPEDA. The information collected is, but not limited to: Name, Address, Telephone, and Email, and is to provide members with information about events and projects regarding RHRA. Collection of this information allows RHRA to establish and maintain communications with members about our programs and to respond to inquiries.

Personal information collected prior to the implementation of the PIPEDA is subject to the Act. Since it is already collected, RHRA assumes the right to continue to use such personal information, unless notified otherwise by the individuals.

Safety and Security Measures:
RHRA has developed, implemented and reviewed its security procedures to ensure that personal information is protected against loss, theft, and unauthorized access of disclosure.

Accessing Personal Information:
Individuals generally have the right to access and amend their personal information. Individuals may withdraw consent, at any time, to the collection, use or disclosure of personal information, understanding that RHRA will explain the implications of withdrawing such consent.

Contact for Further Information:
In accordance with the Act, RHRA has appointed a Privacy Officer who will ensure that we comply with all aspects of the legislation and continue to uphold all of the principles for protecting personal information. Individual contributors and donors may contact RHRA to ask questions about, access or amend personal information, withdraw consent on having information used, or file a complaint on this use. Questions and concerns should be directed to Peter Norman, RHRA’s Privacy Officer, at