Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday February 17, 2016

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday February 17, 2016 7 p.m. Home of Beth Marcilio, 79 Regal Road

Present: Marie Goldthorpe, Harry Lay, John Keating (Chair), Beth Marcilio, Dave Meslin, Margaret Smith, Robert Szachrajuk, Florence Watts, Richard Cavanaugh, Valentino Marcilio, and Christine Horgan
Regrets: : Rosa Cordiano, Brigid Higgins, Peter Norman, Mary Anne Quance, Linda DeGiorgio, Anita Kung

    1. Street Beautification
      1. Update – Florence put out an appeal for planter barrels. If anyone has any full or half-barrels to donate we’d love to get them. We use them for plants at key points throughout the neighbourhood. If you have one to offer please contact John Keating
      2. Plants – We will be looking for perennials to plant in barrels and community gardens in the spring. Please keep us in mind when dividing or thinning your plants.
      3. OCI parkette – Florence also raised concern about the state of the benches at the Oakwood Collegiate Institute parkette on the corner of Oakwood and St. Clair. John promised to raise the issue at a meeting this week of the group looking into beautification of the OCI grounds.
    1. Planning, Zoning and construction
      1. Communications update – Peter could not attend, so there is no update.
      2. Century home plaque – Florence told the group about a program by Heritage Toronto to provide special plaques for homes that are at least 100 years old. The application fee is $250. It covers research into the age of your home and the plaque itself. If research shows your home is not yet 100 years old, the fee is refunded. The homeowner is responsible for installation. For further information go to: You can find out how old your house is through the City of Toronto Archives. See:
  1. Special Events
      1. Dick Watts memorial – Harry reported that he is submitting a formal application to name the Glenholme steps as the ‘Dick Watts steps’ in honour of the late Dick Watts. The naming will include a brass plaque set in the concrete at the top of the stairs. The project has the support of Councillor Palacio’s office. The executive is looking into ways of funding the cost.
      2. Oakwood Collegiate Review – Margaret reported that the TDSB process for deciding whether to close a school in our area has been delayed until the fall. OCI is on the list of schools to be considered. Principal Richard Nosov is optimistic the school will not be closed, but Margaret is urging the RHRA to reach out to other interested groups to develop a strategy to ensure the school stays open. She has been in contact with other organizations. John also agreed to approach the principal to remind him that the RHRA is willing to get involved in any plans to keep the school viable.
      3. Pub night – Beth has arranged with the Fox & Fiddle Pub to have a regular Thursday RHRA Pub Night throughout the year. The dates are: Feb 25, Apr. 28, June 23, Aug. 25, Oct. 27, and Dec. 15
      4. Community Welcome Project – Beth reported that MP Julie Dzerowicz has given us a letter to include in the Welcome Package. No packages have been handed out recently.

    e) Street sale – A reminder that the community street sale will be held this June, date to be determined. Start thinking about items you’d like to sell and clear a little space in your basement or garage.

  2. Street mural – Dave reported that he and others attended a City committee meeting to consider a motion by Councillor Palacio to allow for the painting of murals on city streets. He says staff were against the idea and he was afraid the committee would allow only two pilot projects this summer at most. He was pleasantly surprised when the committee voted to have four pilot murals. One will be in Regal Heights. Dave is going to explore sources of grant money to cover costs of the project. The location is still to be determined, but it must be in the mid-block and have the support of nearby neighbours. Watch for further details.
  • Police Community Partnership – Rosa reported via email that she attended the February 4th PCP13. Police say there was a stabbing incident on St. Clair and Glenholme/Dufferin area. Police gave few details of the incident.
  • Finances and Membership – Linda is on holiday so there is no finance report until the next meeting
    1. Membership – There are about 60 paid memberships and Dave is hoping to increase it. He will try to find time to do a membership blitz and urge people to pay their membership fee online at, using PayPal or a credit card. Dave proposed that the membership year run from January through December. To eliminate confusion, he is proposing changing the Annual General Meeting to November instead of the spring. The executive agreed, but the issue will be put to the broader membership at the AGM this spring.
  • Other
    1. Oakwood Ave. resurfacing and bump-outs – Margaret reported that the local Community Council is expected at its Feb. 23 meeting to vote to resurface Oakwood Ave. north of St. Clair but abandon the idea of building a series of “bump-outs” to narrow the lanes to control traffic speed. Margaret feels the plan was not fully thought out and that it would create unnecessary traffic congestion. Community resistance to the idea was among the reasons for abandoning the plan. Oakwood is due for a major rebuilding in the next few years, at which time the City will consider alternative plans for traffic calming and street beautification.
    2. Galleria Mall redevelopment – Margaret attended an open house put on by the developers who have bought the Galleria Mall. At this stage they re gathering community input for what might be built on the site, but there were few details about their plans.
    3. St. Clare ‘s Church 100th Anniversary book – St. Clare Church is selling a beautiful hard cover book marking last year’s 100th anniversary of the church. St. Clare’s Church: Celebrating 100 Years of Faith & Service includes pictures and personal stories. It’s $70 if you pay by cash and $75 through PayPal online. You can order it at or visit their website at

Next Meeting: Tuesday March 15, 2016 at 7 p.m. location TBA