Help with our New Syrian Refugee Sponsorship

United Neighbours, a group of people from the St. Clair West area and St. Matthew’s United Church, is fundraising for another Syrian refugee sponsorship! This time it’s for Jafar and Nour Alaalyan and their baby boy, Firas. You can give at Search for “Jafar and Nour.”

When Syria’s civil war began in 2011, Jafar was just 12 and Nour was eight. Both come from Daraa, where the rebellion against Bashar al-Assad began. The city is a ruin, their family properties long since confiscated.

Jafar and Nour met and fell in love in Barja, a community in Lebanon with many Syrian families. Jafar has worked in a carwash, in a supermarket and as a delivery driver, but jobs are precarious for Syrians and it is becoming harder to support a family amid the economic crisis in Lebanon. Jafar cannot return to Syria without being forced into the military. The family are UNHCR refugees.

United Neighbours has lots of experience helping families adapt to life in Canada. With two brothers already here, Jafar has a headstart in finding the support he needs.

Can you help? You will make a real difference. And you’ll get a tax receipt too. Thank you in advance.