RHRA Supports Temporary Bikeways

The RHRA was approached by a coalition of community groups in Toronto petitioning Mayor John Tory to increase the number of temporary “bikeways” in Toronto during the COVID-19 emergency crisis.

Many cities around the world have already provided alternatives to transit by installing temporary bikeways, ranging from dozens to hundreds of kilometres, to allow essential workers to reach workplaces, and other residents to obtain daily necessities. This coalition of community groups urges Toronto to do the same.

Its key recommendations are:

  • Immediate installation of cross-town Bloor-Danforth and Yonge St. ‘spine’ bikeways — approx 40 km;
  • Installation of 60 km of additional bikeways on urgent basis (after expedited engagement of neighbourhood leaders) to mirror the busiest TTC surface routes; and
  • Implementation of lower speed limits on roads with new bikeways, especially to protect vulnerable and novice riders.

In the Executive Meeting held on May 19, 2020 Chair John Keating moved to support this initiative and those present supported this motion.

Below is a copy of the letter prepared for Mayor John Tory and a copy of this letter can also be downloaded HERE.



Active-TO and temporary bikeways to address community transportation needs

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