Pilot Project Underway to Change Membership Structure of the Assocation

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A new membership and fundraising pilot program for the RHRA is underway: Dave Meslin explained his proposal for changing the way memberships are handled at the May, 2018 Spring General Meeting. He said it is more important to increase involvement of residents than to sell memberships. At the moment there are many residents who don’t even know about the RHRA. Memberships currently only generate limited funds. Dave proposed that we try a pilot program that would extend membership for free to anyone in the community who wants it. Residents would have an automatic right to vote on issues at RHRA meetings. In place of membership fees, we would conduct online fundraising once or perhaps twice a year. Dave also proposes making a special effort to reach residents of apartment buildings by having Canada Post deliver information flyers to all residents. He also proposed evaluating the pilot at the Annual General Meeting in the fall to see if revenue and community engagement have increased. The proposal was approved anonymously.


Expanded Membership & Outreach Program Pilot Project:

Members of the Regal Heights Residents Association approve a six-month pilot project to re-structure our membership model and revenue model in the following manner:

1. Extend voting rights to all residents who live within our catchment area,
2. Replace membership revenue with an annual fundraising drive,
3. Design and implement an outreach plan to engage more local residents and attract new e-mail subscribers, and
4. Evaluate the results at the 2018 AGM, including an assessment of impact on: annual revenue, e-mail subscriptions and AGM attendance.