Changes to Leadership at TPS 13 Division

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RHRA receive the following message from outgoing Superintendent and Unit Commander at 13 Division setting out changes to occur to the Toronto Police leadership in our area:


From: Scott Baptist []
Sent: Thursday, October 19, 2017 12:58 PM
Cc: Shaun Narine; Paul Qureshi; Sonia Thomas
Subject: New Unit Commander for 53 and 13 Divisions!

Good afternoon!

Please allow me a moment to send along my thanks to each of you, our dedicated community partners in 53 and 13 Division.  So many of you have helped me understand the issues our neighbourhoods are facing and you have made me feel very welcome in my role as your local police commander.  I was very much looking forward to the challenges we would take on together in the coming months, however recent retirements have prompted a necessary realignment of senior officers in the Toronto Police Service.

I’ve just recently been informed by my Command officers that I’m going to be transferred effective October 31st.  I’ll be taking command of our Traffic Services and Parking Enforcement Units.  The move is bitter sweet – I’ve thoroughly enjoyed my time working with all of you.  That said, I’ll be returning to where I started on the Toronto Police Service 30 years ago as a motorcycle cop and I’m really looking forward to taking on the challenge of getting our city moving.

Superintendent Shaun Narine will be taking command of 53 and 13 Division effective that same date.  Superintendent Narine is an accomplished leader and I’m sure you will be quite pleased with his commitment to community service and his ability to effectively provide the full range of policing services you rely on.  Superintendent Narine can be reached via email at  After taking command you will be able to reach him directly at (416) 808-5314.

Inspector Sonia Thomas will continue in her role as the 2nd in Command at 53 Division.  Inspector Thomas can be reached directly at or (416) 808-5312.  With the retirement of Inspector Mike Ervick, Detective Sergeant Paul Qureshi has been assigned the duties of 2nd in Command at 13 Division.  Acting Inspector Qureshi can be reached directly at or (416) 808-1312

Again, my most sincere thanks to you for your partnership and friendship during my time in 13 and 53 Division.


Kind regards,