Pumpkin Carving Contest

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Dianne "In tribute to tonight's blue moon"
Chloe. "Our inspiration came from the movie Monster Inc"
Amy Gottlieb. "Scary Spider"
Garth's pumpkins"Creature from black lagoon and werewolf"
Andrew and Victoria. "Tried lacing it up"
Dan. "Oogie Boogie"
Julia Galle. "Nightmare on Elm St"
"Toronto Sports Fan o' Lantern"
Happy Halloweenie. "Wiener dog o' lantern"
Susan Noakes, "Where Edvard Munch got his inspiration"
Leo Rendina"Marshall from Paw Patrol"
Brandon Rojas
James Harkness "Pandamnit.... Not gonna get me down!"
Wai-Kin Chan "Covid Grumpiness"
Carol Gallagher
Rosa's Pumpkin II
Meena (2)
Matthew Norman
Katie Norman
Audrey Norman
Meena (1)
Dianne "In tribute to tonight's blue moon"

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