Regal Heights Residents' Association

Community Police Liaison Committee (CPLC)

The CPLC is a committee composed of members of the community and of Division 13 police services representatives that meets quarterly to discuss issues of interest.

The RHRA Executive wishes to keep our members appraised of issued raised in these meetings by posting the meeting minutes on our website.

Questions can be directed to Rosa Cordiano on the RHRA executive by


June 2019 MinutesDownload HERE
December 2019 MinutesDownload HERE
March 2020 AgendaDownload HERE

Other Information about the CPLC

Mission Statement

To encourage mutual trust through understanding, shared knowledge and involvement which will lead to a meaningful partnership aimed at creating a safe environment in which to live and work.


To establish and maintain a meaningful community partnership; to work together in identifying, prioritizing and problem solving of local policing issues; to be proactive in community relations, crime prevention and communication of initiatives, and to serve as a resource to the police and the community.


Each Committee shall be made up of community and police representatives from the division’s geographic area. Each Committee shall be inclusive of as many community organizations and groups as possible, thereby truly reflecting the community.

It is understood that members of the CPLC are volunteers and that as such their continued membership and/or participation is subject to the approval of the Unit Commander.