Executive Meeting Minutes April 2022

Tuesday, April 19, 2022, 7:00 – 9:00 pm, via Zoom

Present: John Keating, Peter Norman, Margaret Smith, Harry Lay, Richard Cavanaugh, Mary Anne Quance, Linda DeGiorgio, Rosa Cordiano, MP Julie Dzerowicz, Orianna Polo (MP Julie Dzerowicz’s office)



1 – Reports from local representatives

  1. MP Julie Dzerowicz – Julie gave a quick recap of the recent federal budget. She said about 60% of the budget is aimed at improving Canada’s long-tern economic growth. That includes growing immigration to help take care of the estimated 1 million job openings that are now going unfilled. 14% of the budget is going toward defence, including commitments to NATO. 9% is going toward expanded dental care. By the end of this year, people with a household income of $90,000 or less who have children 12 and under will get free dental care. About 10% is set aside for indigenous issues and about 4% is dedicated to healthcare, particularly reducing wait times. She said the government is also concerned with paying off the national deficit and debt.  

2 – Projects and events

  1. Regal Heights Review update –  John reported that most of the stories have been submitted and editing will begin soon. The theme of the new edition is local history and how the RHRA has contributed to the community. The newsletter will be distributed by the fall.
  2. The Laneway Project– The Laneway Project is a private organization that works to make derelict laneways into usable public space. They will begin working on the laneway behind the Dufferin-St. Clair Library this summer. Peter reported that the kick-off pubic meeting was held on April 4. Designers will be looking at several possible improvements including plants, lighting and murals. Some of the work may require cooperation from the adjacent property owners. The project wants to hear from the community about their thoughts on the laneway and suggestions for improvement. Please take the survey before May 1 if possible. You can find it here
  3. Roseneath Park expansion:John reported that the City of Toronto is now committed to the idea of significantly expanding Roseneath Park on the north edge of the No Frills parking lot. The RHRA and others local groups have been encouraging the City to expand the park and has offered a number of design idea. Regal Heights is in the heart of a larger area the City has identified as underserved by parklands.
  4. Maple syrup thanks –  John reported that volunteers collected enough sap from local trees to make more than 6 litres of maple syrup. A big thanks to everyone who was involved or attended the public boil-down. More than 30 people showed up, including many children. The weather was fine and many people stayed around to chat with their neighbours. If you have a maple tree you’d like to have tapped next year, contact us at rhra@regalheights.ca
  5. Planning for May Public Meeting – The RHRA usually holds a public meeting in a local venue in May. John noted that while we hope to have one this year, it will depend on the COVID situation at that time. Watch for emails about the event.

3 – Communications and Planning

  1. Peter reported that there are new updates to the Committee of Adjustment (COA) tracker on the Association website at regalheights.ca. Residents at 35 Thome got COA approval for an addition. At 89 Regal Rd., beside the school, there is a proposal to demolish the house and build two new house on the lot. That is in the early stages.
  2. Peter noted that he would welcome anyone taking over some of the responsibility of keeping the website and especially the social media up to date. Please contact him at rhra@regalheights.ca

4 – Police Community Partnership

  1. Rosa reported that meetings of the Police Community Partnership are still suspended, but she receives regular reports on crime in the neighbourhood. There was an attempted daytime abduction of a woman on Benson Ave. recently. Police found the suspect’s car but not the suspect. Rosa said there has been an increase in reports of car theft in the area. Cars with pushbutton start are especially vulnerable to theft because thieves can use relatively cheap radio equipment to read the wireless code on your key fob. Consider keeping your key in a Faraday bag, which shields your fob from radio waves.
  2. Rosa also warned that break-ins are increasing and will likely continue to increase as the good weather arrives and people spend more time outdoors. Be sure to keep your front door locked when you’re out in the back yard.

5 – Street Beautification Programs

  1. Gardening update– Mary Anne introduced her gardening plan for the year. She is now arranging to buy flowers and soil and is getting volunteers organized to plant and look after the barrel planters around the neighbourhood. If you’d like to look after a barrel, please contact us at rhra@regalheights.ca. The current plan is to plant pansies, nasturtiums, phlox and canna lilies. Rosa suggested planting echinacea as well. Mary Anne also arranged for a garbage pickup for the annual neighbourhood clean-up day on April 23. She also reported that there will be a garden cleanup for the Mount Royal bump-out on the weekend of May 21. This may be affected by plans by the Transportation Services department to work on the intersection sometime this year. Details are not yet available.
  2. Daffodil Hill – Richard wants to do a survey of the hill south or Regal Road school to identify areas that could use more daffodils. By marking these areas now, volunteers will know where to plant bulbs in the fall. John offered to recruit neighbouring teenagers to help with that task.

6 – Community Welcome Project

  1. Welcome to neighbourhood! 32 Regal Road sold for about $2.5 million. Beth and Harry have sent out welcome packages to all new properties. Most people who respond have not heard of RHRA, which is understandable given they are new residents.

7 – Finances:

            March 2022April 2022
Operating Fund$4,948.86 
Heritage Fund$276 
Street Sale Fund$192 
Petty Cash$18.35 

8 – Other Business

  1. Street Party 2022 – Linda suggested contacting the Regal Road parents’ group on Facebook to see if any of them are interested in organizing a street party this summer. John agreed to contact the group.
  2. Florence Watts – Linda and others have been visiting Florence at New Horizons Tower, but Linda reported that an outbreak of COVID there means visits are suspended for now. The members agreed that we will deliver a bottle of the 2022 Regal Heights Maple Syrup to Florence in the next few days.
  3. New development at 908 St. Clair West – Margaret reported that she attended the open house of the new condo. Margaret acknowledged that the RHRA does not take positions on development matters on private property, but in her personal opinion many of units are relatively small, and may be inadequate for families. Margaret invited the Association to consider additional ideas for supporting affordable housing in our area.