Executive Meeting Minutes February 2022


Harry Lay, Peter Norman, Rosa Cordiano, Linda DeGiorgio, Richard Cavanaugh, Brigid Higgins, Mary Anne Quance, MP Julie Dzerowicz, Orianna Polo (assistant to the MP), MPP Marit Stiles, Nicholas Gallant (senior advisor to Councillor Ana Bailão)

Regrets: Beth Marcilio, John Keating, Margaret Smith, Dave Meslin

1 – Reports from local representatives

  1. Federal MP: Julie Dzerowicz spoke of the recent offer by Canada to the Ukraine of defence equipment and financial funding. Julie also spoke of the tabling of legislation for the Emergency Powers Act, allocating new powers to law enforcement agencies. Border screening measures concerning COVID that apply to inbound travellers are under reconsideration by the Chief Health Officer for the federal government. Rapid testing kits that have been purchased by the Federal government are now being distributed provincially. Julie advertised the need for public input into the current Budget planning exercise and requested that interested neighbours should RSVP to her riding office for the chance to consult with her in a forthcoming planning session on February 18.
  2. Provincial MP: Marit Stiles spoke of the gradual relaxing of Covid restrictions by the province and the impact of these changes on local businesses and institutions. Mask-wearing by children in public schools, for example, is a standard currently being re-assessed. Marit advised that neighbours review the Ontario government website to see where free rapid testing kits were available at no cost. Marit’s office is hosting a Family Day skating party on Feb. 21 at Campbell Park, with free hot chocolate.
  3. Senior advisor Nicholas Gallant on behalf of Councillor Ana Bailão referred to efforts by Ana’s office to promote the reduction of single-use plastics in the city. Ana’s office is hosting a community forum on-line the evening of Feb. 16 to discuss the planned renovation of the intersection of Springmount Ave. and Regal Road. Peter Norman brought up the matter of inadequate snow removal from neighbourhood laneways, specifically the lane connecting Northcliffe Ave. to Westmount Ave. south of St. Clair Ave. W. Peter also mentioned the lack of response to messages left on the City’s 311 line, a telephone number intended for requesting the City’s response to personal and neighbourhood needs.

2 – Projects and events

a) Laneway Project update (Peter) – no update

b)   The Regal Heights Review: Brigid Higgins spoke to the initiative that is driving the second edition of the Review. A formal deadline for editing and publishing the Review is forthcoming.

c)   Maple Syrup 2022: Linda deGiorgio cited John’s email regarding the management of the project while he is absent this month. Buckets have been distributed around the neighbourhood by John for tapping local maple trees.

3 – Communications and Planning

  1. Communications: Peter Norman reviewed a list of local properties where planning decisions have been or are in the process of being decided. He reminded everyone to refer to the RHRA’s COA tracker to keep track of upcoming hearings that might have an interest. An interesting demographic trend was noted by Peter following the issue of the latest federal census, which indicated the decline both in population (-9%) and in family units (-8%) in Regal Heights. The reasons for these changes may be as a result of an aging population and the reduction in the number of multiplex dwellings in the neighbourhood.
  2. Follow-up on area parks plan meeting Jan. 25 – none available.
  3. City of Toronto initiative for intersection of Springmount and Regal Road: The RHRA is sharing information about this City of Toronto initiative, but is in no way advocating for change. Nicholas Gallant encouraged neighbours to attend the public on-line meeting on the evening of February 16 to discuss the planning of the proposed changes. Safety reasons were cited as the main factor in the City’s decision to make these changes. Brigid questioned the city’s motives for such changes, stating that the instance of auto collisions in the intersection was historically negligible. Brigid raised that a survey was undertaken by the City after the 2018/19 pilot project and a majority of respondents wanted the layout to revert to the original intersection design with enhanced markings. Mary Anne Quance questioned whether the City’s current proposal would unnecessarily increase traffic flow along Springmount Avenue, deflecting it from Regal Road.

4 – Police Community Partnership

  1. Update on latest developments: Rosa stated that no updates have been issued recently by Toronto Police Services, but that interested neighbours could review the weekly status of criminal incidents in Regal Heights by subscribing to the free “Crime Point” bulletins issued by TPS.

5 – Street Beautification and Environment

  1. Gardening update: Mary Anne Quance spoke of the planting guide that was broadcast to the executive this past week. She mentioned that updated plans for RHRA planting projects would be tabled at the next executive meeting.

6 – Community Welcome Project:

Harry pointed out that 3 local homes have changed hands in the past month, and that packages would be distributed to them.

7 – Finances

Linda reported on the finances of the Association

                February 2021 
Operating Fund$4,948.86 
Heritage Fund$276 
Street Sale Fund$192 
Petty Cash$18.35 

8 – Other business


Next meeting will be held as an in-person meeting at the Fox and Fiddle at 7pm on Tuesday March 15th.