RHRA Meeting Minutes November 2021

Tuesday, November 16 2021, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Meeting hosted by Zoom

Present: John Keating, Peter Norman, Rosa Cordiano, Linda DeGiorgio, Margaret Smith, Richard Cavanaugh, Brigid Higgins, Marie Goldthorp, MPP Marit Stiles’ (via video message)

Regrets: Beth Marcilio

1 – Reports from local representatives

  1. Davenport MPP Marit Stiles appeared via video message. She thanked the association for its work and said she enjoyed working with volunteers, especially at the fall garden cleanup. She noted it has been a short fall session at Queen’s Park. She criticized the Conservative Government’s plans to build new highways, noting that it worked against climate change goals. Finally, she encouraged constituents to contact her if they have concerns or need help. The executive agreed to post the video on the RHRA website for a limited time.

2 – Projects and events

  1. Carol Sing –  The executive voted to tentatively go ahead with the live annual Carol Sing, one of the association’s most popular events. It is planned for Friday, December 17 at 7 p.m. outside the main doors of Oakwood Collegiate, provided public health rules at the time allow it. There will be protocols in place, including masks and keeping adequate distance between participants. John agreed to check with the school and look into the possibility of musical accompaniment. Check out more information on our Carol Sing page HERE
  1. OCI dog issue – Dogs on the Oakwood Collegiate playing field continue to be a problem. John reported that he invited the Regal Heights Canine Club, the OCI principal and Councillor Ana Bailão’s office to meet with the intention of finding a solution. The principal declined and the councillor would only like to get involved if a representative of the school or the school board is there. As a result, John is inviting the local trustee to attend. The meeting is still to be arranged.
  1. The Laneway Project proposal – The Laneway Project is a private organization that works to revitalize laneways and make them usable public space. The organization has officially offered to work on the laneway between the Dufferin-St. Clair Library and the homes on Westmount Ave. It sent a flyer explaining the project and seeking public support. The RHRA will print and deliver the flyer to residents in the vicinity of the laneway.

3 – Communications and Planning

  1. Communications (Peter Norman) – Peter reported that the association has had six email campaigns since the last meeting, mostly related to public events. There have also been a number of updates to the RHRA website’s Committee of Adjustment (COA) Tracker, which follows proposed developments in the area. The owners at 2 Regal Rd. have appealed the COA’s negative decision on their proposal and will have a hearing at the Toronto Local Appeal Body on February 8, 2022. The owners at 15 Highview were granted their application to build a second house on the same lot. There are two new applications for variance: one at 75 Regal Rd. to add a second storey over their garage and one at 46 Mount Royal to add a third storey on a two-storey house.
  2. Review of parking for new developments – The City is looking into reducing the number of parking spots required for new housing developments, considering that much of the housing is easily accessible to public transit, car share and bike routes. For more information, see the project website (www.toronto.ca/parkingreview) and the City Clerk’s website.
  3. Update on First Nations initiative –  John reported that he has so far been unsuccessful in finding an advisor who could guide the association on how to approach First Nations issues on a local level. He will keep trying.
  4. Invitation to join FoSTRA – The Federation of South Toronto Residents Associations is a new organization that brings together several associations to advocate on a number of issues. After extensive discussion, the executive decided the federation has too much of a  political bent to properly represent an organization such as the RHRA. We have declined an invitation to join.

4 – Police Community Partnership

  1. Rosa noted there are no developments to report on policing issues and very little communication in recent months from the Police Community Partnership organizers.

5 – Street Beautification Programs

  1. Gardening update and cleanup – John reported that the cleanup of the public gardens along Rosemount was well attended. MPP Marit Stiles and MP Julie Dzerowicz both attended. The gardens are now ready for winter.
  2. Daffodil Hill planting – Richard reported that only a small number of volunteers helped plant about 300 bulbs of Daffodil Hill along the south side of Regal Road School on October 24, but the work went quickly. We look forward to seeing an explosion of yellow flowers in the spring.

6 – Community Welcome Project

  1. Deferred.

7 – Finances (Linda):

  1. Linda reported the following:
            October 2021November 2021
Operating Fund$4,948.86UNCHANGED
Heritage Fund$276 
Street Sale Fund$192 
Petty Cash$18.35