Executive Meeting Minutes October 2021

Tuesday, October 19 2021, 7:00 – 9:00 pm

Meeting hosted by Zoom

Present: John Keating, Peter Norman, Mary Anne Quance, Rosa Cordiano, Linda DeGiorgio, Margaret Smith, Harry Lay, Richard Cavanaugh, Ashley Da Silva (MPP Marit Stiles’ office), Alex Keys (MP Julie Dzerowicz’s office).

Regrets: Beth Marcilio

1 – Reports from local representatives

  1. Alex Keys reported that Davenport MP Julie Dzerowicz is gearing up for a new session of Parliament following a closely fought election.   

2 – Projects and events

  1. Update on OCI dog posters –  Brigid reported that the problem of dogs on the playing field at Oakwood Collegiate has still not been solved. The school does not allow dogs on the field because of problems with feces, digging up the grass and chasing children, but many dog owners continue to ignore the rules. She says some dog owners go as far as claiming they have permission from the principal and Councillor Ana Bailão to use the field, even though this is not true.

The RHRA tried to help by putting up posters pointing out that the field is closed to dogs, but stopped the distribution while the principal tried to work out something with dog owners.

Brigid says the most effective approach has been to speak directly to dog owners when they try to bring their pets onto the field, but it is an uphill battle. She says it is disheartening that some dog owners feel that the rules don’t apply to them.

John suggested setting up a meeting with Ana Bailão, the principal and the Regal Heights Canine Club to discuss the problem and look for a solution. John and Brigid will discuss the idea further.

  1. The Laneway Project proposal – In September, John met with Sean Bergeron and Bronwen Heilig of the Laneway Project to discuss the renewal of the laneway running behind the Dufferin-St. Clair Library. The Laneway Project recruits artists and others to cover up graffiti, clean up garbage and turn neglected laneways into attractive, useable spaces. A major project funder is particularly interested in tackling the laneway which is west of Westmount and runs north from Rosemount. This laneway services the back of the Dufferin/St. Clair library. As a first step, the project will meet with the library and businesses along Dufferin. The RHRA will help by reaching out to residents along the alleyway. A timeline is still to be worked out.
  2. Pumpkin Carving update – John reported that everything was ready for the annual Pumpkin Carving on October 23 at Santa Chiara Park. The association ordered 100 pumpkins from the Rona Stockyards location. Thanks to Rona for a generous discount. See regalheights.ca for a story about the event.
  3. Park land study update – As reported at past meetings, the RHRA, with the Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association, the Regal Heights BIA and St. Chad’s Church, submitted formal proposals to the City to create new parks in the area. See the full report HERE. The architecture firm Brown + Story provided its services for free to formalize the proposals in a written report. The City now says a summary report that showcases online public feedback will be posted on the Oakwood-St Clair Parkland Study webpage in the coming weeks. A virtual open house, open to everyone, will be scheduled for late November and the final Parks Plan will be published shortly thereafter.
  4. New item: Earlscourt 100th anniversary celebration – Margaret reported that the 100th anniversary celebration was cancelled last year due to the pandemic. The new event was to be held October 23 at the park, exactly 101 years from the day the park was opened. A plaque from Heritage Toronto was to be unveiled at the northwest corner of the park (St. Clair and Caledonia) and the event was to include an art installation.

3 – Communications and Planning

  1. Communications (Peter Norman) – Peter reported that it has been a typical month for sending email updates and posts to the RHRA’s Facebook group. In local development news, a public meeting with the City’s Committee of Adjustment was planned for October 20 on a proposal to build an additional house at 15 Highview. Check the Committee of Adjustment Tracker on the RHRA website, www.regalheights.ca for details. The Committee of Adjustment turned down a proposal for additions and other changes to the apartment building at 2 Regal Rd. The owners have appealed the decision to the Toronto Local Appeals Body (TLAB). More information is available in the Committee of Adjustment Tracker.
  • Update on the RHRA archives – Harry reported that digitizing six bank boxes full of documents, along with maps, photos and other material, will be a huge undertaking. Brigid noted that the material has to be categorized by topic. It is now all in chronological order. John noted that the material will be a valuable for researching stories in a future editions of the Regal Heights Review. Brigid said the material shows just how much the area has improved since the early years of the residents’ association and credits much of that improvement to the work of the association. Harry suggested that sorting a digitizing will have to be a long-term project. He will check on prices to have it professionally digitized.
  • Update on First Nations initiative – John reported that he approached an elder associated with St. Matthew’s United Church to discuss how the RHRA can better reflect First Nations concerns at a local level. He did not receive a reply. Instead, he will approach the Native Centre of Toronto for help.
  • Update on succession planning – John previously reported that he plans to step down as Chair but remain part of the executive. He now noted that his last meeting as chair will be next May. The RHRA invites anyone in the community to join the executive and put their name forward if they wish to take over the role of chair.

4 – Police Community Partnership

  1. Deferred.

5 – Street Beautification Programs

  1. Gardening update and cleanup (Mary Anne) – Mary Anne says the fall garden cleanup has been postponed to November 6, with a rain date of November 7.
  2. Daffodil Hill planting – reported that planting of bulbs of Daffodil Hill along the south side of Regal Road School will take place on Sunday, October 24.

6 – Community Welcome Project

  1. Harry reported that prices continue to rise in the neighbourhood, with some recent sales reaching almost $2.5 million. Harry will look after sending welcome packages to recent buyers, including two houses on Springmount Ave. The group also discussed the growing popularity of laneway houses, which the City hopes will lead to greater affordability for renters.

7 – Finances (Linda):

  1. Linda reported the following:
            May 2021September 2021
Operating Fund$4,948.86UNCHANGED
Heritage Fund$276 
Street Sale Fund$192 
Petty Cash$18.35 

Next Meeting: Annual General Meeting, November 16, 2021