Executive Meeting Minutes March 2021

Executive Meeting Minutes
Tuesday March 16, 2021, 7 p.m.
Via video conference, hosted by John Keating

Attending: John Keating, Peter Norman, Harry Lay, Linda DeGiorgio, Margaret Smith, Brigid Higgins (regrets), Richard Cavanaugh, Dave Meslin (regrets), MaryAnne Quance, Rosa Cordiano, Alexander Keys (Constituency Assistant to MP, Julie Dzerowicz), Nicholas Gallant (regrets) (Councillor Bailão’s office), Peter Gatti (Constituency Assistant to MPP, Marit Stiles)

1- Reports from Local Representatives

Alex Keys reported that Davenport MP Julie Dzerowicz would be hosting the Davenport Small Business Forum March 24 at 7 p.m. via Zoom. To register Click HERE

Application for Davenport Youth Council 2021: The final application date is March 19. To apply, Click HERE

For other information go to the MP’s website. Click HERE

Peter Gatti reported that Davenport MPP Marit Stiles is hosting a session on March 18 at 6 p.m. via Zoom providing the latest information on the COVID vaccine. For details or to register, Click HERE

Most of the time will be dedicated to questions from the public. On the panel will be Ward 9 Councillor Ana Bailão, as well as representatives from the Davenport Perth Community Centre, the Tamil Co-op, and a medical doctor.

2 — Projects and Events

Maple SyrupJohn Keating reported there are nine trees with 12 taps and the sap is running. Production will wrap up in a couple of weeks. There is a sufficient supply of 100 mL bottles. However, we welcome the return of any bottles from last year’s supply that residents may still have at home. You can leave them on the porch at 99 Springmount Ave. The RHRA is looking for more trees to tap. Please contact John Keating at johnpkeating@gmail.com if you have a tree to offer.

There was some discussion in the meeting about the media coverage from the 2020 Regal Heights maple syrup harvest (See HERE), and John reported that so far there has not been any inquiries from the media this year.

3 — Communications and Planning

CommunicationsPeter Norman reported that the pace of emails in the past month has been light, but there are some new items on the website. In terms of the Association’s Committee of Adjustment Tracker, there are no new application since the last meeting, but there has been one hearing, on March 3, related to 1150 Davenport Rd. (the old O Abrigo restaurant) and the information about that decision can be found on our website. Peter also reported that he has been approached by the owners of 2 Regal Road who will be bringing a COA application forward to the City soon for alterations to that property. The owners wish to meet with the Association and share plans. A small group of the executive will meet with that owner later in March. We will post all information we receive on the 2 Regal Road application on our 2 Regal Road portal on our website.

Community Action Group — John reported that while forming a joint communication on the wish for an area-wide traffic study (see item reported in the February minutes) a good working relationship developed between the RHRA Chair and the Chairs of the Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association (NVRA) and Regal Heights Village BIA (RHVBIA) along with St. Chads Anglican Church. John raised the notion of formalizing the group under a new name “Community Action Group” and branding with a new logo. This idea was discussed and rejected by the Executive. It was felt that the RHRA already has considerable political capital on its own right, and while it could still lend its name to selected issues being pursued by allied associations where there is common ground, there is no need to form a separate group. Peter reminded the Executive that the RHRA does not advocate on matters involving private property and any sort of association with other groups that might be inclined to do so could violate this important principle.

Parkland study — John circulated a draft letter in which the RHRA, the NVRA, the RHVBIA and St. Chad’s presented a response to the City’s consultation on parkland needs in our area. The letter presented several ideas for expanded or enhanced parks and to identify potential new parks. The study covers an area roughly from Earlsdale Ave. to Davenport Rd. and from McRoberts Ave. to Vaughan Rd. The executive approved most of the ideas but asked that proposals regarding the Oakwood Collegiate Institute be modified to reflect the recommendations in the OCI Landscape Master Plan. This plan was developed with community input in 2016. It resulted in rebuilding the plaza in front of the school’s main entrance at Oakwood and St. Clair, but most other elements of the plan have not yet been completed. Further information about the master plan can be found in a “Living Toronto Journal” article posted by Regal Heights resident Schuster Gindin. To read about the plan Click HERE. The City continues to seek the public’s input on the parkland issue and input can be provided by Clicking HERE.

4 — Police Community Partnership

Rosa Cordiano attended the first virtual Community Police Liaison Committee meeting held since March 2020.
There have been many staffing changes. Unit commander Superintendent Lauren Pogue is overseeing both Division 13 and Division 53, with a second-in charge to assist in each division.

The priority for 2021 is community engagement and partnership, with efforts to strengthen community trust in the police. The police aim to be neighborhood ambassadors for Oakwood Village and to assist in combatting food insecurities through the pilot project called “Feed the Six” which is receiving much support.

Residential and Commercial camera mapping – This is a citywide initiative in which members of the community can register to share video footage to assist police. The aim is to reduce the need for police to do door-to-door canvasing when crimes are committed.

Porch Piracy Prevention recommendation Police advise residents to either buy or convert mailboxes to have one-way trap doors, which prevent theft. DYI options are available.

Gangs — There was a large-scale operation against the “Eglinton West Crips” with 114 arrest and 800 charges. 31 firearms and several kilograms of cocaine, fentanyl, and crystal meth were removed from the streets.

R.I.D.E program — This program of random checks to catch drunk drivers will be more important than ever as COVID lockdown restrictions are lifted. Police are anticipating higher levels of impairment and traffic collisions.

Traffic and Parking Enforcement — Due to COVID, police relaxed parking enforcement, as parking permits were more difficult to access. Even so, between October 2020 and March 2021, police issued 2,374 traffic tickets, oversaw 57 tows, monitored 24 school zones and held 16 on-site meetings.

Reporting Petty Crimes and Traffic Violations — Rosa reminded the group that the public is always encouraged to use and report any non-emergency incidents on the Citizen Online Report Entry (CORE) site which can be accessed by Clicking HERE . John suggested that we put a page on our website providing this information on an on going basis. That page can be Found HERE.

Community Goals — The police main community goals include: Reducing gang violence via high visibility bike controls that encourage face-to-face connection with the community and the people on their streets; Ensuring bail compliance; Deploying the Guns and Gangs task force to reach out to youth and direct them away from gang life, using the new “Engage 416” program.

Community Appeal — Police encourage community members to join and become CPLC as bridge builders between the police and citizens they serve.

5 –Street Beautification

Mary Anne Quance submitted a detail one-year calendar of anticipated gardening activities. She will send email invitations to previous volunteers for help with some of the garden maintenance jobs. Anyone with a passion for gardening who wants to get involved should contact rhra@regalheights.ca to get your name on the email list. The RHRA will widely publicize some larger gardening events.

Unfortunately, the thick leaf litter is still at the foot of the Dick Watts Steps on Davenport and a discarded Christmas tree has been added to the mess. The RHRA will contact Toronto’s 311 line for help. Mary Anne noted that many of the Regal Heights streets have a problem with leaf litter that the City could clean up.

6 — Finances

Linda DeGiorgio reported the same finances in March 2021 as February 2021:

            Operating                    5,726.61

            Heritage Fund               276.00

            Street Sale Fund            192.00

            Petty Cash                         18.35

            TOTAL                           6,212.96

7 — Adjournment

Next meeting: April 20, 7 pm by Zoom. See the website for details a few days before the meeting.