Be a Regal Heights Crime Fighter!

Regal Heights is one of the safest neighbourhoods in Toronto. But offences still happen, from running stop signs, to stealing packages off porches.

The best way to fight it is to report any incidents you see – even if they don’t involve you.

The Toronto Police Service decides how to deploy officers largely based on statistics. If reported incidents show a speeding problem on a particular stretch of road, for example, the police are more likely to target it for special enforcement actions.

You can report incidents you see online. It’s easy. Using the Toronto Police Service Police Online Citizen Reporting System you can report the following incidents (choose one):

 Lost Property Theft Under $5,000 Damage to Property under $5,000
 Theft from Vehicle under $5,000 Damage to Vehicle under $5,000 Traffic Complaint

Choose the appropriate category and fill in the form.

Please note that the reporting system is for relatively minor infractions. For emergencies or serious crimes, call 911. The non-emergency number for the police is 416- 808-2222.