2 Regal Road Information Portal

The RHRA has been made aware that an application has been filed by Starlight Investments, the owner of 2 Regal Road, related to suite additions to the building. 2 Regal Road is currently the largest multi-family rental community in Regal Heights.

This portal page is set up by the Association for the purposes of providing information to our residents about this redevelopment.

Any questions, corrections or additions can be directed to: RHRA Communications: RHRA@RegalHeights.ca

Information Chronology

September 30, 2021 — The COA decision has been appealed to the Toronto Local Appeals Body (TLAB). A hearing has been set for February 8, 2022. It is an electronic hearing. See notice to participate.

September 15, 2021 — The Committee of Adjustment heard the case and refused the application.

September, 2021 — A large number of residents, including tenants in the building, and nieghbours throughout Regal Heights have submitted comments on the proposed changes to 2 Regal Road.

August, 2021 — Notice of Hearing. The COA hearing on the 2 Regal Road matter is scheduled to take place on Wednesday, September 15th at 9:30 am. Watch the hearing on Youtube (click here to join). To participate in the hearing, follow the directions on the hearing notice (found here).

June, 2021 — Updated floor plans for the proposed renovation.

May 7, 2021 — Key documents made available:

March 24, 2021 — Starlight Investments presented their improvement plans for 2 Regal Road to a selection of the RHRA Executive in a zoom call. The presenters set out the nature of the proposed changes, including resurfacing of some of the surface parking areas, repairs and retrofit of the structured parking area (which apparently is currently below code) a reconfiguration of the uses along the south face of the building on Regal Road, including removal of parking and garage spaces and addition of amenities space and possible restoration and naturalization of the City boulevard lands (currently used for surface parking) and the addition of 15 suites to the 105 suites currently in the building. The new suites will be added as follows. One new suite to each of floors 1-7 and the addition of 8 suites to the 8th storey, which currently is only half a storey. A copy of the presentation can be downloaded here:

March 14, 2021 Starlight Investments reached out to RHRA Communications asking for an opportunity to present information about their upcoming application to the City of Toronto’s Committee of Adjustment related to suite additions to the building.

Correspondence Received