Executive Meeting Minutes February 2021

Executive Meeting Minutes

Tuesday February 16, 2021, 7 p.m.

Via video conference, hosted by John Keating

Attending:  John Keating, Peter Norman, Harry Lay, Linda DeGiorgio, Margaret Smith, Brigid Higgins, Richard Cavanaugh, Dave Meslin, MaryAnne Quance, Rosa Cordiano, Julie Dzerowicz, Alexander Keys (Constituency Assistant to MP), Nicholas Gallant (Councillor Bailao’s office)

1- Reports from Local Representatives

Alex reported that MP Julie Dzerowicz will be hosting 2 sessions

  1. February 25  –  Information re: Taxes with a tax expert
  2. March 1  –  Covid-19 Vaccine and Variants info with a Parliamentary Secretary

A pre-budget consultation was held last week. If you have any ideas to add, especially regarding climate change contact the MP’s office at:                         Julie.dzerowicz@parl.gc.ca

MP Dzerowicz joined the meeting and reported that she continues her weekly newsletter.

COVID-19 Updates:    

  • The federal government is anticipating enough vaccines for all Canadians by September
  • All programs supporting Canadians and businesses through the pandemic will continue until the end of the year
  • Work continues on how to better prepare for and work through a pandemic.

2 — Projects and Events

Maple Syrup

John reported that tapping of trees will begin in the next week or two. RHRA is looking for more trees to tap. Please contact John Keating at johnpkeating@gmail.com if you have a tree to offer or if you are interested in playing a role in this project.

Nominations for Awards

Please forward names of anyone you think fits the criteria for either the Ontario Volunteer Service Award or the June Callwood Award to John Keating before April 1. For details see Ontario Volunteer Service Awards and June Callwood Outstanding Achievement Award for Voluntarism.

Corso Italia Residents Group

Peter reported that both he and John attended a meeting on January 20 with a group interested in setting up a residents’ association west of Dufferin Street. They gave the group ideas and tips. They suggested that it will be good to have a new group to work with.

Plastic Pollution

Brigid suggested that the RHRA include discussion regarding reducing plastic use.  Members will discuss ideas at the next meeting.

3 — Communications and Planning


Peter reported that there has been less activity in terms of the email distribution because the association is able to organize any events due to COVID-19. 

He also noted that February saw the 100th anniversary of the Dufferin-St. Clair Library.

Information regarding Committee of Adjustment reviews in the area are also available on the RHRA website. Go to the COA Tracker on our website to find out information about upcoming hearings related to 15 Highview, 1150 Davenport and 98 Winona.

Pub Nights are still listed in the schedule of events but are on hold for now.

Peter will continue posting e-mails about activities such as maple syrup making.

Traffic Study Meeting Report

John reported that the RHRA teamed up with the Northcliffe Village Residents Association, the Regal Heights BIA and St. Chad’s Church to ask the City for a traffic study that would cover the area from Rogers Rd. to Davenport Rd. and from Dufferin St. to Winona Dr. The idea was to look at current and expected traffic patterns and develop a master plan that would control the growing traffic problem while minimizing unintended impact on residential streets.

The groups were hoping such an approach would avoid the current piecemeal approach in which new traffic lights and other control measures are added without looking at their impact on a broader area. It was hoped the approach could also minimize conflicts created by installation of lights and other control measures.

Councillor Ana Bailão said the City does not approach traffic this way. The City considers installing lights if members of the community request them. City staff then conduct a study and recommend whether the light is necessary. It is up to City Staff (the professionals who perform the warrants) to put forward recommendations to Toronto and East York Community Council for consideration.

While the City has not accepted the request for a broad area study, John noted that the four groups will work together to influence future requests for traffic control measures.

Toronto Building Program Review – February 22

John asked for anyone who has an interest in building issues, building permits and the inspection process to contact him if interested in attending.

Ward Conference

Nicholas reported on behalf of Ana Bailão that a planning conference in our Ward is to be held on March 24th. Information and free registration can be found here: https://www.anabailao.com/planningfordavenport.

Areas to be discussed will include planning issues at a city-wide level such as how does the City’s Official Plan guide growth, why are these requirements important and how do we build complete communities. Also planning issues and guidance a the local level such as what is a Secondary Plan, Local Area Study, Minor Variances and the Committee of Adjustment. Anyone interested should contact Nicholas at Nicholas.Gallant@toronto.ca

Peter pointed out that information regarding studies and chronology for all major developments in the area are available on the RHRA website.

Wayfinding Project

Volunteers are needed to assist a group looking at ideas for helping people get around the city especially concerning signage and maps. If interested and looking for ways to participate visit: www.to360survey.com/get_involved

4 — Police Community Partnership

Rosa reported that Division 13 has reinstated the PCP 13 meetings. The next on is scheduled for March 8th.

Porch Piracy

Margaret spoke about concerns in the area regarding packages being stolen. The RHRA will consider posting a flyer from Police Services on the website to remind area residents of tips to prevent porch piracy.

5 –Street Beautification

Nicholas is contacting the necessary department to get the leaf clean-up done at the foot of Dick Watts Steps.

6 — Community Welcome Project

Welcome packages continue to be given to new home owners in the area. Harry reported that most homes in the are sold within 6 days of listing.


Linda reported finances for February 2021 as follows:

            Operating                    5,726.61

            Heritage Fund               276.00

            Street Sale Fund            192.00

            Petty Cash                       18.35

            TOTAL                         6,212.96

Next meeting: March 16, 7 pm by Zoom. See the website for details a few days before the meeting.