Regal Heights Maple Syrup is in the News!

For the third year in a row, neighbours are coming together to make old fashioned maple syrup by tapping private trees right here in Regal Heights.

And the word is spreading.

On Thursday, February 27, Digital Broadcast Journalist Nick Westoll of Global News Toronto paid a visit while a small team drilled and tapped the first of more than half a dozen trees we will be doing this year. 

RHRA Chairman John Keating talked to Nick about the process and what it means to the community. You can see the result below:

Click HERE to access the full story on the Global News website.

UPDATE March 9 Classical FM Interview

UPDATE March 10 Radio Canada Interview Today

John Keating and Brigid Higgins spoke to reporters at Radio Canada about our syrup initiative in French! Click HERE to see this coverage.