Executive Meeting Minutes, January 2020

RHRA Executive Meeting, Tuesday, January 21, 2020, 7:00 pm, Held at 79 Regal Rd. (Home of Beth Marcilio)

Attending:  John Keating, Beth Marcilio, Carol Gallagher, Margaret Smith, Florence Watts, Linda DeGiorgio, Richard Cavanaugh, Peter Norman, Brigid Higgins, Marie Goldthorpe, Mary Anne Quance, Dave Meslin, Nicholas Gallant (Councillor Bailão’s office)

Regrets: Harry Lay, Rosa Cordiano, Rosabel Fast

1 – Projects and events

   •           Update on abacus repair

Dave Meslin is in the process of rebuilding the new abacus at a cost of roughly $20 for materials. Florence Watts mentioned that the garbage can beside the steps is not routinely emptied. Nicholas Gallant will follow up with the City to ensure that the garbage can is emptied on a regular basis.

   •           Further discussion re: possible 2020 street party

Dave Meslin asked that the RHRA put out a call on the website to find a street willing to host the 2020 street party. Peter Norman will post the request.

2 – Communications and Planning

   •           Communications

Peter Norman reported that a technical glitch affecting pictures on the website has been fixed. The Regal Heights Review is also being posted on the website in installments and has been well received. It was decided that the website could be helpful in addressing the issue of sidewalks habitually uncleared of snow and ice. The RHRA will post information on the website that outlines the importance and obligation of clearing sidewalks. Nicholas Gallant will see if the City can assist with this information, otherwise John Keating will draft material for this purpose.

   •           Update on Regal Heights “Nextdoor” app

Peter Norman reported that roughly 250 members are enrolled in “Nextdoor”, an app to share information within the Regal Heights neighbourhood. He has been posting some of the RHRA website materials on the app to reach a wider audience.

   •           Regal Heights Review: Reactions, lessons learned, future plans

The first edition of the Regal Heights Review was printed and distributed in December. Brigid Higgins reported that the newsletter was produced through a wonderfully collaborative effort by a large team; she acknowledged all those who contributed. The newsletter came in under budget at $759.00. The newsletter was a clear success and there are lots of ideas for design and content of future newsletters.

   •           Follow-up discussion: What process should RHRA follow for controversial issues?

John Keating asked for further consideration on specifically how the RHRA will inform residents of controversial initiatives; this was a follow-up to an item at the November Annual General Meeting. The executive had a lengthy discussion about the idea of a formal motion that would specify when the Association should undertake to notify all members of the community about projects that affect the public realm. Some members pointed out the difficulty of deciding which projects would require extensive notification and which would not. Ultimately, the executive decided that the most practical approach is to be more sensitive about the potential impact of RHRA projects on the community right from the start. Members resolved that the Association will do its best to notify the neighbourhood when initiatives are proposed or taken up.

Peter Norman noted that an earlier draft motion to confirm the RHRA policy regarding private property is still pending.

   •           Regal Heights Traffic Management Committee meeting

Margaret Smith reported on the January 20 meeting set up by Councillor Ana Bailão’s office to better plan for traffic management changes in the neighbourhood, including installation of new traffic lights. Nicholas Gallant explained that the City’s goal is to strike a committee of residents so that people living in the area could drive the design initiatives for greater traffic safety. However, no one at the meeting wanted to take on the positions of chair, vice chair and secretary so the committee was not formed. Instead, the City will offer a one-day workshop in the spring to help residents become informed about traffic planning studies and to generate ideas on how to make the neighbourhood safer. Prior to the workshop, Nicholas will forward data and information from the Councillor’s office that might assist in the process. The RHRA will help in publicizing the event. Minutes from the January 20 meeting will be posted on the Traffic Management Committee page of the RHRA website when they are available.

   •           BWXT Nuclear licence renewal

Margaret Smith announced that on January 22 MP Julie Dzerowicz and the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission would host an information meeting regarding the BWXT Nuclear Energy Canada licence renewal application for the plant at 1025 Lansdowne Ave. The company produces the ceramic pellets that ultimately are turned into nuclear fuel bundles in Peterborough. Watch regalheights.ca for future information on the licence renewal.

3 – Street Beautification Programs

   •           Gardens, graffiti, garbage

Item deferred.

4 – Police Community Partnership

   •           Latest developments

Item deferred.

5 – Special Events

   •           Regal Heights Family Pub Nights

Beth Marcilio raised the question of to what extent the RHRA pub nights should be held joint with members of the Northcliffe Village Residents Association. In recent years one pub night a year was held joint. A suggestion is that all pub nights be held joint. The executive asked Beth to liaise with the NVRA to decide on whether to make future pub nights a joint event.

The next Pub Night is scheduled for Thursday February 27th

6 – Community Welcome Project

Item deferred.

7 – Finances

Linda DeGiorgio provided the following figures:

  November 2019 January 2020
Operating Fund 6,576.43 6,017.08
Heritage Fund 276.00 276.00
Street Sale Fund 192.00 192.00
Petty Cash 150.00 8.35
TOTAL 6,894.43 6,493.43

Meeting Adjourned at 9:05pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday February 18, Location TBD