RHRA AGM 2019 Minutes

Regal Heights Annual General Meeting,
Tuesday November 19, 2019,
Garrison Creek Family Health Clinic

Regrets: Peter Norman, Mary Anne Quance, Beth Marcilio


Opening remarks

John Keating thanked the Garrison Creek Health Centre for providing the meeting space. We were welcomed by Gem Lee-Herder on behalf of the Health Centre. Gem indicated that the clinic is still accepting new patients for family health care.

1.       Greetings from Ana Bailão

Ana Bailão, City Councillor for Davenport, brought greetings and information on a few development projects and playground improvements in our neighbourhood. She will continue to advise on relevant Committee of Adjustment hearing dates. Ana is also investigating the impact on taxes for small businesses with respect to zoning changes and mid-rise developments along St. Clair. She also updated us on the traffic light initiative for the corner of Rosemount and Oakwood Avenue, indicating that the newly-formed traffic management committee will seek input from residents to assess the overall needs of the neighbourhood when handling the application. More information will follow when the committee is ready to address the matter. Lastly, everyone is invited to her Davenport Holiday Party on Dec 5th, 6-9pm at 211 Geary Ave. www.anabailao.com/holiday_party_2019

Special Note: The RHRA wishes to thank Ana for her remarks and thank her for her efforts recently in having the City designate and name Anne Marie D’Amico Square at the corner of Northcliffe and St. Clair. Anne Marie was a resident of our neighbourhood who died tragically in the 2018 Toronto van attack. The Anne Marie D’Amico Foundation’s first annual fundraising concert is also coming up on December 3 at the Meridian Arts Centre. More information can be found: damicofoundation.org/events/

2.       Special Guest Speaker

Paolo Trulli delivered an informative presentation on the City’s waste management process. He presented two videos outlining the process of treating organic and recycling materials and he clarified sorting guidelines. Paolo explained the 3R Ambassador Volunteer program designed to improve waste diversion in apartment buildings. Information on this and other of the City’s waste management programs can be accessed through the 311 phone service. You can also download the “TOwaste” app, which includes the Waste Wizard to help you learn how to dispose of many common household items.

3. Greetings from Marit Stiles, MPP for Davenport

Marit Stiles brought greetings and expressed thanks for ongoing efforts by residents to organize events that make the neighbourhood vibrant. She especially noted the rich value of community participation in the plantings on Daffodil Hill. Marit noted the impact of recent cuts to education and reaffirmed her commitment to protecting our local schools.

4. Street Beautification Program

John Keating reported on behalf of Mary Anne Quance that we have various garden planting and maintenance projects ongoing throughout the year in the neighbourhood. Volunteers are always needed. Anyone interested in helping out, even for just an hour or two once a year, can go to regalheights.ca for information and ways to sign up.

5. Communications and Planning

A) Website

John Keating reported on behalf of Peter Norman that the RHRA website is a great source of information on many topics. There are approximately 450 people on the email list; everyone is invited to sign up for emails by visiting regalheights.ca and completing the form.

B) Regal Heights Review

Brigid Higgins spoke about the upcoming publication of the community newsletter and introduced the team that has worked to bring this initiative to life. Watch for the newsletter to be delivered to your door in the next few weeks. The total cost to produce the newsletter is roughly $1,000.

C) Regal Road/Springmount Intersection

John Keating briefly recapped the stages of the initiative to modify the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount and explained that after consultation the City decided that there was not enough community support for a change. The bollards will be removed and the intersection restored to its original configuration before year-end.

D) Discussion: What process should RHRA follow for controversial issues?

John Keating and Margaret Smith invited discussion on the question of how the RHRA should handle controversial projects. How can the RHRA ensure the community is involved and informed on local matters? Is the RHRA doing enough in this regard? The association typically adopts the role of disseminating and facilitating access to information rather than becoming directly involved with an official position. This has been in the interest of building community rather than taking actions that could divide the community. Discussion followed on whether or not this is always the best stance or whether this should be on a case-by-case basis. Discussion followed that included comments on the value of door-to-door flyers as a method of keeping people informed and the importance of reaching the broadest audience with information.

A motion was passed to approve in principle that the RHRA should make a greater effort to inform the community when taking on projects that would make a significant change to public space. The executive will work out the details in future meetings.

6. Election of RHRA Executive Members

Marco Desi of Ana Bailão’s office conducted the vote to elect the executive of the RHRA for 2020. Everyone is invited to attend or to join the executive at the monthly meetings which are held every third Tuesday of the month at 7pm. There are no meetings in June, July, August or December. The location is determined month by month.

7. Police Community Partnership

Rosa Cordiano reported that public Police Community Partnership meetings are held on the first Thursday of every month at St. Clare School. These meetings provide an opportunity to speak directly to a police officer and raise any relevant issues or concerns. Regal Heights is a quiet neighbourhood with a low crime rate; in the event that a resident has a complaint it is important to report this as the police rely statistics of crimes to decide how to deploy police resources. Reports can be made online.

To contact police:

  • In an emergency: Call 911
  • To report a crime that is not an emergency: non-emergency number 416-808-2222
  • To report a crime anonymously, call Crime Stoppers at 1-800-222-8477 (TIPS)
  • To report minor crimes including property crimes, such as graffiti, conveniently  online: torontopolice.on.ca

8. Special Events

a) Regal Heights Family Pub Night

John Keating announced that the Pub Nights at the Fox & Fiddle on St. Clair continue to be held thanks to the efforts of Beth Marcilio. On these nights the pub offers a 25% discount on food for Regal Heights residents. The Christmas Pub Night will be on December 5th, organized jointly with the Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association. Children are always welcome on these evenings, which offer a relaxed way to mingle with neighbours and make new friends.

b) Carol Sing Friday December 20th

Brigid Higgins announced the annual Carol Sing at 7pm at the corner of Oakwood and St. Clair. The Salvation Army band will lead everyone in a one-hour sing-along. Come by to say hi to Santa, have a mug of hot chocolate and a cup of good cheer. Please contact John Keating if you can help put up the Christmas tree lights at the corner of St. Clair and Oakwood.

c) New Syrian Refugee Sponsorship Update

John Keating reported that the privately-sponsored Syrian family that arrived three years ago are successfully established in our community and that their immediate relatives are scheduled to arrive in the next few weeks. John extended a thank you to the many community members who generously raised enough funds to support the family for the first year.

d) Regal Heights Maple Syrup

Dave Meslin reported that the second year of tree tapping in Regal Heights produced 50 specially labelled 100ml bottles of maple syrup. Dave is hoping to expand the project into an educational collaboration with Regal Road PS. Volunteers are needed for the boil down operation as well as for offering trees on their property for next year’s tapping.

9. Community Welcome Project

Harry Lay reported that the Regal Heights Welcome Package is an important first gesture for new residents to learn about the RHRA and the community. Please inform Harry or Beth Marcilio when new residents arrive so they can learn about the neighbourhood and be offered the chance to become involved in the RHRA.

10. RHRA Membership

Dave Meslin recapped that we no longer have a membership fee but instead raise funds through direct outreach appeals. The Go-Fund-Me pilot project in 2018 proved successful, exceeding the goal of $4,000 to raise $5,000 by 77 people in two months. This project raised more money with less effort and time spent tracking the former $10 membership fees.

Dave noted that anyone living in the area between St. Clair to Davenport and Dufferin to Winona can become a member of the RHRA if they wish, without paying a membership fee. We do ask that you give us your email address so that we can keep you informed of events and issues in the community and send out appeals for volunteers for our various projects.

11. Finances,

 Linda DeGiorgio outlined the income and expenses for 2019 to November 19, 2019.

2019 ExpendituresDollars
Street Beautification 
(bulbs, barrels and planters, plants)
Federal Candidates Debate 138.92
Maple Syrup Project 253.00
Street Party  1,753.00
Carol Sing 
(new song sheets, band)
(2 general meetings)
(gift Councillor Palacio, scroll for lane naming)
Total Expenditures:  4,226.00
Total Donations:  5,072.08


Funds for November 2019 Dollars
Operating Fund 6,576.43
Heritage Fund 276.00
Street Sale 192.00
Petty Cash  150.00
TOTAL                    6,894.43


12. New Business

  • Street Party for 2020

Dave Meslin raised the question of holding a street party in 2020 and, if so, which street would host it. It was pointed out that 2020 is also the year for the bi-annual street sale. It was suggested that the RHRA conduct an email poll to determine interest and the venue for the street party.

  • Abacus Repairs – Dick Watts Steps

Dave Meslin reported that the abacus at the top of the Glenholme stairs requires repair. A request was made for a modest budget to repair and maintain the abacus. A motion passed that Dave Meslin would look into the cost and design to build and maintain a new abacus. There will be a vote on the matter at the next Executive Meeting.

  •  Snow Removal on Sidewalks

The point was raised that some residents do not attend to snow removal, leading to treacherous ice buildup. Marco Desi confirmed that residents and business owners are responsible for removing the snow on the city sidewalks in front of their property. Marco encouraged residents to call 311 to report properties that do not comply or to contact the councillor’s office to have the matter reported. In the event that a resident is not capable of completing the removal, then that resident can request city snow removal.

Meeting adjourned at 8:35 pm