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Regal Heights Residents’ Association – Executive Meeting

Tuesday, September 18, 2018 7 p.m., 79 Regal Rd. (Home of Beth Marcilio)

In Attendance:  John Keating, Beth Marcilio, Rosa Cordiano, Manjeet Matharoo (Regal Heights Village BIA), Linda DeGiorgio, Harry Lay, Florence Watts, Carol Gallagher, Kevin Johnston

Regrets: Peter Norman, Dave Meslin, Margaret Smith, Elena Simonetta, Richard Cavanaugh

Community Welcome Project:
  • Harry noted that there had been a hiatus over the summer; listings of new folk to the neighbourhood would be forthcoming. Listings of new homeowners are kindly provided by Nick d’Amico. Beth commented that the updated brochure of the neighbourhood will include updated photos and information about Regal Road P.S. to help new residents get connected to the school and the Parent Council.
Street Beautification:
  • Garden update: Mary Ann was absent but Florence noted that the Rosemount gardens had been lovely all summer. John said that Enbridge had given some money to restore the gardens around their worksite at the top of Springmount.
  • Replacement of the willow on Springmount: Kevin reviewed the circumstances around the removal by the City of the large willow which had been deemed unsafe. Through Kevin’s initiative in contacting the City, the stump was removed in a timely manner so that the space is now clear for a new planting. Kevin proposed that the new tree be planted in commemoration of Anne Marie d’Amico; John will approach the d’Amico family to ask if they would like to participate in planning this commemoration. Kevin will contact a local arborist on the best types of trees to plant. There was also discussion about planting more trees along the north end of the street which has now lost a few mature trees.
  • Daffodil planting on Daffodil Hill: Florence reported that 800 bulbs have been donated to refresh the hill; the planting date is set for 10:00 in the morning of Sunday October 28.  Carol will contact Oakwood CI to see about student volunteers to help out.
Planning, Community and Communications
  • Communications update: John reported that Peter has developed a new look for the events page of the website, with links that take viewers to archived pages and to related material, such as meeting agendas. This will offer easy access to relevant information for each event.
  • Events calendar: John distributed for review the Events Calendar for 2018/19 which lists tentative events and dates. Manjeet said that the BIA is looking for opportunities to participate and support community initiatives. The idea of a winter carnival is still floating but with no firm shape.
  • Regal-Springmount intersection project update: John estimated that the community meeting on September 11th to discuss the pilot project had been attended by about 80 people; much discussion had ensued. There will soon be a public meeting held by the City (date TBA) to solicit further input. Dave Meslin’s recent email has the current design options under consideration. It is available on the RHRA website. (Click Here and look for the “Event Report” button)
  • Update on 49-51 Springmount Ave issue: John reported that the new TLAB hearing is set for October 25 – 26, at 9:30 a.m. at 40 Orchardview Blvd, Suite 253. As before, there will be parties and participants representing the viewpoints of local residents – these groups have been arranged in advance. General members of the community are welcome to attend and thereby show support.
  • Safer crossing at Oakwood: Kevin would like to see a traffic light on Oakwood Ave. at Rosemount to reduce pedestrian and vehicular dangers at the intersection. The light could be timed to change at the same time as the one at St. Clair, which would reduce the temptation to run the Rosemount light. A motion was passed in favour of asking Cesar Palacio’s office to advance this request at City Hall.
  • Postal box time changes: Florence reported that the Canada Post boxes do not have the correct collection times posted on them. There are fewer collections than before with none on weekends. Beth will contact Canada Post to ask for correct labelling of the collection times.
Special Events
  • Update on municipal candidates: John announced that the Candidates’ Meeting for the upcoming election will be held on October 10th from 7-9 p.m. at Oakwood Collegiate Institute. The debate will host candidates for the position of City Councillor.
  • Street Party plans for Summer 2019: We are still looking into which street might be able to host the party. John will make further inquiries.
  • New song sheets for Carol Sing: The Carol Sing is tentatively set for December 14th. Florence said that the carol sheets are very worn. Manjeet indicated that the BIA wishes to support such community events; Brigit agreed to contact Robbyn Rutherford to ask about funds for new song sheets.
  • Pub Night reminder: Beth reminded everyone of the next Pub Night at the Fox and the Fiddle on October 24th.  Remember to identify yourself as part of the group to get the discount. Children are welcome.
Police Community Partnership
  • Police issues in the neighbourhood: Rosa reported that there are ongoing break-ins of various sorts in the broader neighbourhood, so vigilance is needed. She also described a recent incident of ‘distraction theft’, in which as older person was robbed by someone who talked rapidly to distract them while stealing a neck chain and other valuables. Meanwhile, police services are stretched thin. For example, if a crossing guard does not report for the day, the police no longer provide substitute. If a crossing guard is needed, call the City at 311 to ask for a replacement.
  • Drivers going the wrong way on Northcliffe: Since the changes to make Northcliffe two-way for the short stretch just south of St. Clair there has been a marked increase in drivers going the wrong way south further down the block on Northcliffe. Cesar Palacio’s office will ask for a safety blitz for 30 days to find solutions.
  • Linda reported the following figures:
Operating Fund 5,610
Heritage Fund 276
Street Sale 192
Petty Cash 260
TOTAL 6,338


  • There was discussion on the allocation of funds collected through membership; the question arose whether funds should be earmarked for special projects or assumed to be for general purposes. Members agreed that funds are for general use, unless they were collected for a specific project. If funds are solicited for specific projects, the RHRA has a duty to account for how those funds were used.
  • TANGO: John reported that research is ongoing, funded by a grant obtained by Dave Meslin, for the creation of an association of residents’ groups from across Toronto. The group will be called TANGO — Toronto Atlas of Neighbourhood Groups and Organizations. The group will strengthen residents  associations by letting them share resources and information.
  • Membership Drive: John raised the question of whether or not we should do a door-to-door membership awareness drive. It was agreed that this would be worthwhile and should be carried out in the spring.


Meeting adjourned at 8:58.  Next meeting October 16, location TBA.