Change in Ward Boundaries

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In November 2016 the City of Toronto adopted new City ward boundaries to be effective for the 2018 municipal election. Across the City, the number of wards (and therefore Councillors) will rise from the current 44 to a new 47.

Regal Heights is part of Ward 17 currently represented by Councillor Cesar Palacio. Ward 17 is one of two wards which aligned with the federal and provincial ridings of Davenport.

For the first time since the election of 2000, the newly adopted City of Toronto wards will not align with federal and provincial ridings. (The federal and provincial ridings were also revised in 2014 based on population in the 2011 census).

In the case of Regal Heights, there will be a rather dramatic change in our ward affiliation with this proposed change. Regal Heights will fall within the new Ward 15, which will stretch from Dufferin St. in the west to Spadina and Avenue Rd. in the east and between Eglinton and the CP Rail tracks.

The bylaws that brought the new ward boundaries into effect were appeal to the Ontario Municipal Board by several appelants across the city including a resident of Ward 17 living just north of the Corso Italia area. The appeal was settled by the board in the favour of the City’s 47 Ward plan.

You can find out more at the City’s website Here

Old and New Ward Boundaries for Regal Heights

Proposed New Ward
Existing Ward
Proposed New Ward Existing Ward