Regal Heights Residence Association Executive Meeting – April 2017

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Regal Heights Residence Association Executive Meeting – 7pm at 2 Glenholme Ave, Lay’s residence


Present: Richard Cavanagh, Linda DeGiorgio, John Keating (chair), Anita Kung (recorder), Harry and Roya Lay, Beth Marcilio, Peter Norman, Mary Anne Quance, Margaret Smith, Florence Watts
Regrets: Rosa Cordiano, Robert Szachrajuk, Dave Meslin

    1. Street Beautification
      1. General update – Mary Anne reported that the first round of pansies has been distributed for spring planting. The barrel at the corner of Oakwood and Regal will be replaced this spring, while the barrel at Oakwood and Highview has been mended to last another year.
      2. A reminder that the spring gardens clean up will happen at the same time as the Mayor’s Cleanup Day, this Saturday April 22nd. Volunteers are asked to bring rakes to help in the gardens or to pick up litter from the streets. Meet at 10am at the OCI parking lot. The leaves have finally been collected from most of the curbs in the neighbourhood. It took up to three passes by the sweeper truck in some stretches to remove all the leaves.
      3. Tree for Me event to take place on May 14th – between 11 to 1:30 – it will be hosted across the road from 99 Springmount Ave. A quota of 50 trees is available for planting on private property. So far 25 trees have been spoken for. To register for a free tree go to to reserve a tree. For more information contact Harry Lay.
      4. Mayor’s Clean-up day April 22nd – will be held this Saturday in conjunction with the spring gardens clean up. Volunteers are asked to come to the Oakwood CI parking lot at 10am . Garbage bags and gloves will be provided. If coming to help with the gardens, please bring a rake.
      5. Compost giveaway Friday April 21, 2017 starting at 4 pm – Councillor Palacio is hosting a compost giveaway in the Oakwood CI parking lot off of Rosemount Avenue. Come with your shovels and pails to fill and take some home.


    1. Planning, zoning, construction and communications
      1. Communications and service directory update – Peter reported that the service directory has been put on hold until the website is updated. Peter has incorporated a cleaner version of the old RHRA logo into email communications.
      2. RHRA Website new host, new design – Peter and John are still exploring options for changing our website server and design to a more user friendly system using WordPress. A new host is being sought and the monthly fee for hosting our website will be approximately $4/month.
      3. RHRA logo update – John and Harry met with Melissa Frew last month to discuss and give general directions for the creation of a new logo for RHRA. Melissa will present us with new designs when ready.
      4. Public Meeting Tuesday May 16th – this year will be held at the Dufferin/St Clair library branch from 7 – 9 pm. As this will no longer be an AGM meeting, the agenda will be a usual executive meeting. Cesar will be approached to speak a few words about the changes to the ward boundaries and how RHRA may be affected. Other agenda items include discussion of the Canada 150 celebrations, OCI school status, the upcoming RHRA events in the summer such as the Canada Day parade, the garden tour and pub nights. Florence and Anita to co-ordinate refreshments. John to ask Shuster if the drawings for the Oakwood Collegiate landscape design can be displayed. We will express appreciation to Caroline Ingvaldsen for hosting our meeting and her support through the years.
      5. Garrison Creek street signs – John reported that special area street signs to mark Garrison Creek are available but if the RHRA orders them, we will be responsible for all costs, including maintenance. Usually special signs are arranged by BIAs and other organizations. It was decided that it was not appropriate for RHRA to pursue this idea any further.


    1. Special Events
      1. Canada 150 – John reported that the RHRV BIA has decided to cut out wooden maple leafs to affix to the north side of the OCI fence. No special assistance has been requested of RHRA. Meanwhile, RHRA will distribute 150 Canadian flags for display in celebration Canada’s 150th. MP Julie Dzerowicz has promised to supply some of the flags. RHRA will purchase the rest, to be paid from heritage fund. People interested in obtaining one of these flags will be asked to submit a short note or poem expressing ‘what Canada means to me’. The submissions will be used for display on the RHRA website. MPP Christina Martins has also agreed to provide 150 Ontario pins and mini flags for distribution.
      2. Tony Bolla’s Neighbourhood Summit recap – Harry and John reported that the summit was an informal evening of networking for neighbourhood groups. Several groups and politicians set up information tables. If another such summit is held, it would benefit RHRA to set up a table with displays about our association.
      3. Pub Night Reminder – the next pub night is scheduled for Next Thursday April 27, 2017 at the Fox and the Fiddle beginning at 6:30 pm. A suggestion was made to approach the Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association to hold a joint pub night once a year. Beth will contact Maurice to discuss.
      4. Community Welcome project – Beth reported that on average 2 packages are delivered a month.
      5. Bike Clinic Saturday May 6th – Christina Martins has offered to pay the $150 fee to host a bike clinic to be run by Cycle Toronto. This will be a one-hour clinic to be held on Saturday May 6th in the Oakwood Collegiate parking lot. Come with your bikes to learn tips and instruction on how to tune up your bike. No rain date is planned. We will look into finding an activity tent to use in case of rain.
      6. Garden show update – to be organized for Saturday June 11th. Seeking 8 to 10 gardens east of Oakwood that are fairly close together. Homeowners will be requested to be home at the time between 11 to 3pm.
      7. 2017 street party – being planned for August 19th. Update deferred.


    1. Police Community partnership
      1. Report deferred


    1. Finances and Membership
      Finances March 21, 2017 April 18, 2017
      Operating Fund $4,297 $4,353
      Heritage Fund 276 276
      Street Sale (in trust) 192 192
      Petty Cash 180 180
      Total $4,945 $5,001



      1. Refugee Committee
        – John reported that the Syrian family that members of the RHRA and the wider community have been sponsoring have moved into their new long-term housing. The new place is a big, beautiful three-bedroom apartment near Yorkdale.
        – The family, who arrived in December, is quickly adjusting to life in Canada. The three older children will continue to go to school close to Regal Heights, where they have made many friends and are quickly learning English.
        – The two smallest kids are in daycare while their parents take daily intensive English course.
        – They are a beautiful, loving family and enthusiastic about learning everything they can about their new home.
        – John says one of the most touching moments was when the sponsor group, United Neighbours, asked where in the city they would like to live. The answer: They wanted to stay as close to the Regal Heights area as they could so they could be near their friends — meaning the sponsors and the many people who have helped them.


Next Meeting: Tuesday May 16 at Dufferin/St. Clair Library, 7- 9 pm. in the Earlscourt Room.