Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday April 19, 2016

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday April 19, 2016 7 p.m. Kung Residence, 2 Springmount Ave.

Present: Linda DeGiorgio, Schuster Gindin, Christine Horgan, John Keating (Chair), Anita Kung (recorder), Peter Norman, Jane Turrittin, Florence Watts
Regrets: Rosa Cordiano, Marie Goldthorpe, Brigid Higgins, Harry Lay, Beth Marcilio, Mary Anne Quance, Robert Szachrajuk

  1. Street Beautification
    1. Update on issues or problems – Mary Anne has picked up some pansies and is distributing them for planting. Offers for planting barrels have been received from Janine Faucett and Maureen Fitzgerald. Graffiti in the neighbourhood can be reported by calling 311 with the address and location.
    2. Annual Community Clean up day – will take place on Saturday April 23, 2016. All volunteers are requested to meet at 10am in the Oakwood Collegiate parking lot where locations to be cleaned up and garbage bags will be distributed. This year we will combine the community clean up with the spring gardens clean up. Rain date will be Sunday April 24, 2016. Come out and join in the clean up efforts to beautify our neighbourhood!


  2. Planning, Zoning, construction
    1. Communications update – Peter is working with Art Dacks, our RHRA webmaster, to establish a private email domain name to enable reliable bulk mailings. They are also working on updates to the RHRA website.
    2. Plans to ensure future of OCI – Margaret and Shuster discussed the need to not become complacent about the future of OCI. The review process to decide which schools will be closed is still ongoing, and Oakwood C.I. remains on the list for potential closure. The review will be announced in the fall. Margaret and Shuster will give a formal presentation at the AGM to call on interested persons to help build a defence for keeping OCI open.
    3. Dick Watts memorial and payment for plaque – Harry met with Councillor Palacio and the City of Toronto. The City has agreed to install a memorial plaque at the top of the Glenholme steps when work on the curb is done this year. The cost to the Association of the plaque is $561, tax included. It was voted to use monies donated for this purpose, with the balance coming from the Heritage Fund.
    4. Memorial bench on Rosemount – Florence has put forth a request to Councillor Palacio to have a City bench installed on Rosemount in memory of Dick. The process has begun. Florence would like a bench similar to the ones installed at the Santa Chiara parkette (Northcliffe and St. Clair).
    5. Proposal for a “bike channel” on the Glenhome steps – Jane Turrittin is a resident of ward 17 and is an advocate for improved biking routes in the neighbourhood. She is asking the RHRA to support her request made to Councillor Palacio’s office to have a bike channel installed on the Glenholme steps. This is a steel channel on one side of the steps to make it easier to push a bike up or down. Of those present at the meeting, there was both support and resistance to the idea. John will present this proposal at the AGM, Jane will be present with literature to hand out for those interested.
    6. Spruce tree at OCI parkette – the tree planted some 20 years ago by RHRA fell over during a windy day a few weeks back and had to be cut down. Principal Nosov is working with TDSB to have a replacement tree planted.
    7. St. Clair development projects – Margaret spoke about the need for the community to be aware of proposed residential developments happening along St. Clair Ave and to advocate for the kind of development that would be good the for area. For example, there is a need for affordable units, and units that can accommodate families, but developers don’t always consider these needs. The Province is proposing giving cities the power to make developers include affordable units in new residential projects, but there is currently no such law. Harry will present more information about the development issue at the AGM and propose forming a subcommittee to follow up.
    8. Community Safety Funding program – the 2016 Community Safety Investment (CSI) grant applications are now being accepted. Deadline for submission in June 15, 2016. The CSI program provides funding to community-based projects that help to create safe communities for people in Toronto. CSI funds are awarded to new and existing projects with the intention of increasing the capacity of organizations and communities to address safety and violence-prevention. There is a particular focus on programs for young people. To register to use the online application go to
    9. The Shoppers Drug Mart planned for 1233-1239 St. Clair Ave West has been awarded approval for 7 variances by the City of Toronto Committee of Adjustment to construct a three-storey mixed use building containing retail and office uses. They will begin construction this summer
  4. Special Events
    1. Annual meeting preparation and call for agenda items – to include: the bike channel proposal by John; affordable housing units by Harry; future of OCI by Margaret and Schuster; introduction of PayPal membership and change of membership year by John; invitation to Councillor Palacio, Julie Dzerowicz , Christina Martins, Marit Styles and Prinicipal Richard Nosov to the meeting; a table with information about the bike channel by Jane; table to display St. Clare centennial book by Christine. It was decided to request the cafeteria space for the meeting to comfortably accommodate more people. The extra cost will be handled by an anonymous donation.
    2. Street sale this year will be held on Saturday June 18, 2016 from 10am to 2pm. Linda and Anita have agreed to co-ordinate it.
    3. Call for board members for new family health clinic – the University Health Network, Toronto Western Family Health Team is establishing a family clinic at 928 St. Clair Ave West tentatively opening October 2016. It will provide primary care services for the under-served area bounded by Eglinton (north) to Dupont (south), Spadina (east) to Keele (west). The Board is responsible for the overall governance of the affairs of the corporation. They are seeking two community volunteers to sit on the board of directors. The Board meets 4 to 5 times annually, and the committees meet 2 – 4 times annually. Candidates should live or work in the area served by the clinic, or in the wider catchment area (St. Clair W to Lake Ontario; Yonge St to Dufferin.) If you wish to get involved or have questions, please contact Susan Tremblay, Chair Nominating Committee at
    4. Community Centre Master plan meeting April 26, 2016 – The City of Toronto Parks and Recreation Facilities is developing a 20-year plan to guide decision making and investment in facilities such as community centres, sports fields, pools, ice rinks, and bike/skate parks. A town hall meeting will be hosted on Tuesday April 26, 2016, 7-9 pm at the Joseph J. Piccininni Community Centre. All are invited to attend and give input.
    5. Community Welcome project – deferred
  6. Police Community partnership
    There have been some arrests for break and enter. Thieves have been breaking into mailboxes in the area from Peel to Niagara and using bills to commit identity theft. Police are warning to keep an eye on your mail in case the thefts spread to this area. People holding open houses are reminded not to leave valuable items in sight as things have been reported missing during open houses. New methadone clinic sites have been approved for 1715 and 1346 St. Clair Ave. West.
  8. Finances and membership
    28 new memberships have been received through the new PayPal payment option.
Finances April 19, 2016
Operating Fund $3,354
Heritage Fund 992
Mt Royal Bump-out (in trust) 745
Street Sale (in trust) 150
Petty Cash 133
Total $5,278


  • Other
    1. Pub Night – Thursday April 28, 2016 at the Fox and the Fiddle at 6:30 pm. All are welcome to attend for another evening out with your neighbours. (More information)
    2. Banners on the RHVBIA poles – congratulations to the BIA the hanging regal purples banners on the light poles. They look marvellous.
    3. TTC ROW platforms along St. Clair – Margaret reports that the TTC will be rebuilding the streetcar platforms along the St. Clair right-of-way throughout this summer to accommodate the new cars now coming on stream. Buses will run instead of streetcars. Expect construction delays along St. Clair.

Next meeting: Tuesday May 17, 2016, Annual General Meeting at Oakwood C.I.; 7 to 9 pm