Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday March 15, 2016

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday March 15, 2016 7 p.m. at the home of the Syptaks , 1 Glenholme Road

Present: Richard Cavanagh, Brigid Higgins, Harry Lay, John Keating (Chair), Anita Kung (recorder), Beth Marcilio, Peter Norman, MaryAnne Quance, Millie and Ivo Syptak, Robert Szachrajuk, Florence Watts
Regrets: : Dave Meslin

Motion was made by Beth to amend minutes of Feb 16, 2016 meeting to include two persons present that were not listed: Valentino Marcilio, and Christine Horgan. Passed.

    • Street Beautification
      1. Mary Anne reported that she has not received any offers for planter barrels. Six of our barrels are in bad shape. If donated barrels not received, we will have to buy replacements. If anyone has a barrel to donate, please contact John Keating at
      2. Due to the loss of the Toronto Parks and Recreation’s collaboration in community gardening projects and a great fall clean up, MaryAnne is proposing we merge our annual spring clean up with the Mayors’ clean up day on Saturday April 23rd. We will then follow up in late May with a date for spring planting.
      3. . Mary Anne requested a budget of $300 for this year’s street beautification budget. Granted.


    • Planning, zoning and construction
      1. Communications update – Peter reported that communications have been quiet this month. He has been trying to reduce the number of emails by combining multiple news together in one communication, where possible. Crime reports tend to be highly popular.
      2. Public presentation of the Site Plan for the BlockBuster site (Alberta & St. Clair Ave.W.), 898-900 St Clair W. – Harry attended the public meeting held by Main and Main Developments which presented its preliminary plans to build a mixed use building of 12 storeys (exceeding heights permitted in the zoning bylaw) with 121 residential units and ground floor retail. Apartments will be a mix of one and two bedroom units. Harry noted some positive offerings include wider sidewalks on the St. Clair front and along Alberta Ave. Harry is concerned that the proposed building would exceed the maximum height limits and may cut off sunlight for surrounding homes, especially in the winter. There is also a bias towards small units. Harry would like to encourage larger family unit availability. He was also concerned that the architectural design may not acknowledge the St. Clair neighbourhood, and would like to see more amenities offered. This item to be shared at the AGM.Proposed development for 898-900 St. Clair Avenue West – the “Blockbuster” site.

        Proposed development for 898-900 St. Clair Avenue West - the Blockbuster site.

      3. Minor variance application for 64 Westmount Ave – The homeowners at this site have submitted an application for variance to permit an increased amount of floor area on the site through an addition/renovation. There is concern that the proposed addition might affect the privacy of the neighbours. Members of the public will have an opportunity to address this application when it comes before the Toronto Committee of Adjustment. We will share more information when a date is known. RHRA has not been approached for assistance on this matter.
      4. Parking lot at Northcliffe and St. Clair – The house on the lot has been levelled and all the greenery has been removed. John received a copy of the site plan, which includes plans to replant 3 midsized trees and shrubs when completed. Thanks to Councillor Palacio for continuing to drive this project forward.
      5. Oakwood Collegiate Institute parkette plans – Principal Nosov held a meeting to discuss the renovation of the parkette. Richard Christie, Senior Manager, sustainability at TDSB is very enthusiastic about the idea of fixing up the parkette and is now writing up terms of reference to get a rough costing, get them approved and then line up landscape architects to oversee the project. He hopes to include students in the project. Once the terms of reference are ready, he’ll need a steering committee with principal, students, BIA and possibly RHRA.
      6. Oakwood resurfacing – Margaret was not present to report. But the decision to resurface the street without the proposed bump-outs was final.


    • Special events
      1. Dick Watts memorial – Harry reported that a site visit is planned for sometime in the next month to assess the feasibility of the memorial proposal. We’re still working on securing funding.
      2. Annual Mayor’s clean-up day – April 23, 2016 – John will co-ordinate it again this year with input from MaryAnne to include the spring gardens clean up areas and the base of the willow tree on Springmount.
      3. Street sale – This be held in June this year, the exact date to be determined.
      4. Pub night – Beth commented on the labels used to help identify people’s names. It was agreed that they not only helped people get to know each other but identified them as part of the RHRA event.
      5. Street mural update – Deferred
      6. Earth hour falls on this Saturday March 19, 2016 – between 8:30 to 9:30 pm. – All are welcome to participate by turning off the power during that hour.
      7. Community welcome project – Please inform Beth or Harry if you’re aware of someone new moving into the neighbourhood.


    • Police Community partnership
      Minutes from the February meeting were shared. Several business establishments on St. Clair as well as Eglinton were found to have illegal gambling machines. A reminder from the police to report any problems big or small. You can call them on the non-emergency number at 416 808-2222. Police reports can also be submitted on-line through this portal: click here.


    • Finances – Deferred


    • Membership – We presently have 67 paid memberships. Reminder notices have been sent to 81 households. Note that renewal of memberships is now available online at our website. Still only $10 per year.

Next Meeting: – Tuesday April 19th at 7pm, at 2 Springmount Ave; Kung residence