Regal Heights Residents’ Association, Executive Meeting Tuesday October 20, 2015

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association, Executive Meeting Tuesday October 20, 2015 at 18 Lauder Ave
Present: Richard Cavanaugh, Rosa Cordiano, Linda DeGiorgio, Brigid and Rebecca Higgins (host), John Keating (chair), Anita Kung (recorder), Harry Lay, Beth Marcilio, Peter Norman, Robert Szachrajuk, Margaret Smith, Florence Watts

Regrets: Marie Goldthorpe

    1. Street Beautification
      1. Oakwood and Springmount garden clean-up has been postponed until Saturday Oct 24th at 10am. Rain date Sunday. We have received donations of plants to be added to the gardens and barrels.
      2. Daffodil Hill clean-up – this will now take place on Saturday November 14th at 10 am.
      3. Evergreen boughs wanted for barrels – donations of evergreen boughs are appreciated and can be deposited in the driveway or top steps of 69 Springmount Ave.


    1. Planning, zoning, construction
      1. Communications update – 16 email campaigns were sent out in the past month. There are currently 310 followers of the email news and we also have an active twitter feed with 168 followers. See @Regal_Heights.
      2. Oakwood Collegiate Field – The field was closed to public access due to divots being dug up by dogs and their droppings left in the fields of OCI. Thanks to trustee Marit Stiles, the field has been re-opened for public use. Discussions explored possible strategies to remedy the ongoing problems with the dogs. John to forward to principal Nosov the idea of having the two gates locked open so that the field would not be considered an enclosed area where dogs could go off leash.


    1. Special Events
      1. Ideas for a Memorial to Dick Watts – suggestions included: naming a laneway, designating the top step of the Glenholme stairs, erecting an obelisk in either Daffodil Hill or the Rosemount gardens, erecting a statue, creating a bursary for students at the library, erecting a sundial. Florence thought Dick would have appreciated a donation to the Suziki foundation, or a bench maybe on Rosemount where strollers could sit to rest. John requested that suggestions be researched to explore costs, procedures and materials involved to achieve each suggestion. Please forward your suggestions to Harry Lay and the results will be brought to the next meeting.
      2. Candidates Meeting Debrief – Margaret reported that the evening was a successful venture thanks to Harry and Meredith Macfarquhar who helped to organize the event. Sarah Lockett served as a fantastic moderator. The costs for the evening was split between RHRA and the Northcliffe Village Residents’ Association. The format could use a little tweaking as audience members said they would have appreciated more Q&A time and less presentation from the candidates. Margaret to write a follow up letter to the TDSB with regards to the fee charged.
      3. Christmas Carol Sing – Brigid to confirm with principal Nosov that we can use the OCI grounds and facilities on Friday December 18 from 7 to 8 pm. Gord Carrick of the Salvation Army has been booked.
      4. Street Mural Hits the Newspaper – on Wednesday, October 14th, the Toronto Star featured an article on the street mural painted on Springmount Ave. It spoke of the process we went through and how Councillor Palacio is now using our example to help legalize the process.
      5. Pub Night – Beth has organized another pub night for this Thursday October 22, 2015 at 6:30 once again to be held at the Fox and Fiddle.
      6. Pumpkin Carving Event Saturday October 24th from 2-4 pm. – 50 pumpkins will be available for carving at the Santa Chiara (Northcliffe) parkette. All are welcome to come join in the fun, come rain or shine.
      7. Syrian Refugee Meeting October 29th at 7 pm – information about how to Sponsor a Syrian Refugee Family will be presented by Ratna Omidvar of Lifeline Syria. This will take place at 7 pm at the Yummi Cafe, 956 St Clair West near Oakwood. All are welcome to attend.
      8. Heritage walk plans – deferred


    1. Police Community Partnership – Rosa reported that there was a meeting in September that was not well publicized and as such she did not attend. Minutes of the meeting reveal that compared to last year, break-ins have decreased while domestic assaults in the 13 division have increased. Two additional traffic officers have been added.


    1. Community Welcome Project – Harry reported that while no packages were delivered since last month, several will be needed, as half a dozen homes have just been sold lately.


    1. Finances
      Finances September 15, 15 October 20, 15
      Operating Fund $2,119 $2,520
      Heritage Fund 992 992
      Mt Royal Bump-out (in trust) 745 745
      Street Sale (in trust) 150 150
      Petty Cash 121 0
      Total $4,127 $4,407


    1. Other
      1. November public meeting – Brigid to confirm location with principal Nosov, Linda and Dave to man registration table, Anita to pick up cookies, Florence to ask Victor to pick up juice, John to produce flyer to be posted on poles and to invite the new MP for Davenport riding Julie Dzerowicz.
      2. Thank you to outgoing MP Andrew Cash – for his dedicated public service and support in the past to RHRA. John to write a letter of thanks on behalf of RHRA.

Next Meeting: Tuesday November 17, General Public Meeting to be held at OCI, 7 to 9 pm