Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive MeetingTuesday September 15, 2015

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Tuesday September 15, 2015, 7pm at 99 Springmount Ave.
Present: Richard Cavanagh, Jamie Chow, Rosa Cordiano, Linda DeGiorgio, Brigid Higgins, John Keating (Chair), Anita Kung (recorder), Harry Lay, Jose Lopes (Residents’ association rep from area north of St. Clair and south of Rogers Rd.), Beth Marcilio, Dave Meslin, Brittany Spencer (Ryerson student in journalism studying ward 17)

Regrets: Marie Goldthorpe, Meredith McGrath, Peter Norman, Gino Orsi (assistant to Councillor Palacio), Mary Anne Quance, Margaret Smith, Dick & Florence Watts

  1. Street Beautification
    1. Planting, graffiti – call for volunteers for fall maintenance. All donations of perennials as you divide yours this fall are welcome to be added into the Rosemount gardens. Please join us on:
      • Saturday October 17st at 10am to work on the Springmount and Rosemount gardens.  (Raindate Sunday October 18th)
      • Sunday November 15th at 10 am to work on Daffodil hill.
    2. Damaged irrigation system – John has contacted Councillor Palacio’s office to inform them of damage to the irrigation system for the Rosemount gardens that occurred as a result of recent sidewalk repairs. A request for repairs was made.
    3. Waste bin victory – thanks to Marie’s persistence a new waste receptacle has been installed at
      the base of the Springmount steps.
    4. Oakwood Collegiate beautification report – Brigid attended a meeting to address the beautification to the school grounds particularly the north side fence along St. Clair Ave. Among those attending were trustee Marit Stiles, the RHVBIA, Friends of Oakwood (a parent group-contact Shuster Gindin), and representation from the parent council. The group concluded that until the decision on whether OCI will remain open, it would not be worth spending time and money in improvements to the property.


  2. Planning, zoning, construction
    1. Communications update –Peter sent a report of the activities of the RHRA email campaigns and twitter feed. Currently there are 305 subscribers. Melissa Frew has been approached for assistance to help redesign the artwork used in the emails to freshen up our look. John mentioned that it would be helpful if Melissa could also assist with the graphics to the RHRA letterhead.
    2. Ward boundary review – deferred
  3. Special Events
    1. Pub night – Beth will organize the next pub night for Thursday  October 22nd.
    2. Street mural success and future plans – Dave reported that the mural painted on Springmount during the street party is a wonderful success and has so far held up well to the traffic and weather. As a result, Councillor Palacio has put forth a motion at City Council to formalize a policy to allow for street murals in Toronto. No definite plans in place for future murals to date.  Would be nice to get one painted close to the public school.
    3. Movie night – Jamie reported that the movie night was a great success with approximately 50 people in attendance. Kids turned up in their PJs and lounged in blankets. The Lego Movie and popcorn was enjoyed by all. Many thanks to Trustee Marit Stiles who arranged for the permit allowing us to use the Regal Road school location.
    4. Candidates’ meeting – Margaret is spearheading the co-ordination of the meeting. Thursday October 1st has been confirmed for the date. Maritt Stiles is being approached for assistance from the TDSB. Harry is contacting the police for their presence and they have offered to send officers at no fee. Three candidates have been confirmed. Northcliffe Village residents’ association has offered up to $300 towards the cost of the evening. A vote was taken for  RHRA to also offer up to $300 towards the cost. The last candidates meeting cost $1,500. A request for donations will be made at the door. Email reminders will be sent out to the list 2 weeks prior and 2 days before the event. The flyer will also be posted on poles to advertise the debate.
    5. Discussion: Should RHRA take over the Street party? – The next street party will take place in June 2017. Dave Meslin will be the chair and the party will be on Lauder Ave. Many people already think the street party is a RHRA function but to date has been a completely separate venture. Discussion concluded that RHRA should not take over the street party but could be associated with as a subcommittee. With Dave as the chair we will re-assess how that works.
    6. Discussion: Should RHRA get involved in Syrian refugee sponsorship? – A number of residents have approached Regal Heights resident Ratna Omidvar of Lifeline Syria with questions regarding sponsoring a Syrian refugee. While it was decided that RHRA does not have the resources financially or the mandate to sponsor a family, we can act as a conduit to prepare a meeting to provide information for those interested on the process.  John will prepare a meeting for Thursday October 29th and find a location. Dave will produce a flyer for circulation during the debate night.
    7. Carol Sing – Will be Friday December 18th at OCI. Brigid will lead the carolling with John as a back-up. Brigid will contact the band, and Rosa will put in a request for the horses.
  4. Police Community partnership – Rosa reported that there were no meetings in the summer.
  5. Community welcome project – Beth reported that 2 packages were delivered through the summer.
  6. Finances and membership
    We have 65 paid memberships.  With additional costs now from the city to use public facilities a membership drive will be done to increase funds available. Email subscribers will be approached to pay membership fees.

    Finances May 19, 2015 September 15, 15
    Operating Fund $2,429 $2,119
    Heritage Fund 992 992
    Mt Royal Bump-out (in trust) 745 745
    Street Sale (in trust) 150 150
    Petty Cash 96 121
    Total $4,412 $4,127

Next Meeting:  Tuesday October 20, 2015, 7 p.m. at 18 Lauder Ave (Brigid`s residence)