Minutes of the April Executive Meeting – Tuesday April 21, 2015

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Minutes of the April Executive Meeting – Tuesday April 21, 2015 at 79 Regal Road

Present: Tony Bolla, Rosa Cordiano, Carolynna Gabriel, John Keating (Chairman), David Keith, Anita Kung (recorder), Harry Lay, Beth Marcilio, Peter Norman

Regrets: Linda DeGiorgio, Marie Goldthorpe, Margaret Smith, Dick and Florence Watts

Special Presentation: Carolynna Gabriel from Wilmington Tennis Group presented her business idea to run a membership-free tennis club at the old tennis courts on the Oakwood Collegiate Institute grounds. Her group has been working towards this goal with the TDSB since 2012. She is also considering other schools for the venture including: OCI, Brown P.S., Runnymede C.I., East York C.I., and Scarlett Heights Academy. She is proposing to rebuild the tennis courts and construct a small clubhouse using monies from grants and sponsorships. It would help to serve as a community hub for the neighbourhood. A 20-year lease with the TDSB is still being negotiated. Presently Carolynna is sharing her vision with the neighbourhood in hopes of getting community support for the project.

  1. Street Beautification
    1. Garden clean up – of Rosemount and Springmount gardens was well attended on April 11th. Many thanks to all the residents who came out including 6 members of the Toronto Police Auxiliary, MPP Christina Martins and her assistant.
    2. Waste bin problem – Mike Makrigiorgos of Councillor Palacio’s office is looking into helping us replace the litter receptacle that was removed from the bottom of the Springmount Steps.
    3. Community Clean-up Day April 18th – It was was beautiful that day. Many thanks to the 20 people who came out to help pick up litter from the neighbourhood streets as well as trustee Marit Stiles, and Alejandro Bravo. Tony mentioned that an organization ‘Keep America beautiful’ is starting a campaign to discourage littering the streets with cigarette butts. Tony to forward information to John about the organization.


  2. Planning, Zoning and Construction
    1. Potential school closing of OCI – after a discussion involving OCI, John recommended postponing any campaign to prevent the closure of the school. We will continue to monitor the situation and revisit it in the future if necessary.
    2. Access to TDSB facilities – in status quo.
    3. Communications update – Peter reported that it has been a busy month. There are now 307 subscribers to our emails and 70 followers on Twitter, which helps to keep our residents and politicians informed of our RHRA activities.
    4. Oakwood Ave improvements – David reported that the improvements are being postponed until 2016. However, the resurfacing of Oakwood Ave north of Vaughan is still expected to be done this summer


  3. Special Events
    1. Update on plans for AGM – John has applied for a permit to use room 119 at OCI to use for our AGM Tuesday May 19, 2015 from 7 to 9 p.m. Cost is $73.00
      Some of the items that will be included on the agenda: annual reports on activities over the past year; guest speaker Marit Stiles to speak on TDSB access issue; Ann Marie Dileo from Shaw Davenport library; police from 13 Division; re-election of RHRA executive
    2. Tables: – Carolynna will be invited to have an information table outside the room; registration table to be manned by Linda and Dave; refreshments – cookies (Anita), and juice (Beth and Florence).
    3. Potential locations for public executive meetings – The establishments Rosa looked into all close by 6 pm and so are not available for use. This issue is to be discussed at the AGM whether we increase membership fees to cover the new room rental costs for 2 to 4 public meetings a year.
    4. Pub Night – Beth reported that the last pub night March 26th was well attended. MPP Andrew Cash dropped by along with other federal candidates. Next RHRA pub night Thursday May 28th.
    5. Street mural update – Dave Meslin is working on getting permission to have a street mural painted on Springmount Ave during the Street party in June.
    6. Discussion about RHRA website – Tony Bolla shared the core idea that he and friends in Toronto and Richmond Hill are working on to create an online network to help promote local organizations and activities. They are developing a software platform to consolidate all events and organizations. The data would be all community owned but available to a larger audience than local websites alone. This venture is in the early stages of development.
    7. Jane’s walk – on Saturday May 1st at 1 pm, the friends of Oakwood will be leading a walk through OCI as one of a number of Jane’s Walks across the city. They will explore the school’s history, its contributions and alumni, and the role the school plays as an important community meeting and green space. Supported by Trustee Marit Stiles and the Oakwood CI School Advisory Council. For further details see http://janeswalk.org/canada/toronto/school-gave-birth-community-oakwood-ci/
    8. Nuclear Safety Information Session – on April 25th from 10 to 12 noon , and then again from 2 to 4 pm is being hosted by the nuclear regulator. Information shared include: how license decisions are made, and how staff and residents are affected.


  4. Police Community partnership
    1. Police meetings – no meeting this month
    2. Draft policy on material to be emailed – Rosa drafted a policy to be used as a guideline regarding the distribution of Police related information:
      RHRA will distribute to its subscribed members via email information related to Police Activity only when knowledge is necessary to:

      1. Protect public safety
      2. Promote public awareness
      3. Provide information related to unresolved incidents in our area requiring public assistance
      4. Prevent additional incidents
      5. Preserve the integrity of our community


  5. Community welcome project – three addresses of 3 recent sales were passed onto Harry and Beth.
  6. Finances and Membership
    Finances Jan 20, 2015 April 21, 2015
    Operating Fund $2,379 $2,434.00
    Heritage Fund 992 992
    Mt Royal Bump-out (in trust) 745 745
    Street Sale (in trust) 150 150
    Petty Cash 46 96
    Total $4,313 $4,417

Next Meeting: Annual General Meeting, Tuesday May 19, 2015 7 to 9 p.m. at OCI room 119