Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Minutes Tuesday, September 16, 2014

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Regal Heights Residents’ Association Executive Meeting Minutes Tuesday, September 16, 2014


Meeting initiated at 7:05 p.m.
In attendance: John Keating, Dick and Florence Watts, Harry Lay, Dave Meslin, Beth Marcilio, Jamie Chow, Peter Norman, Mary Anne Quance, Robert Szarchrajuk, Rosa Cordiano
Regrets: Linda DeGiorgio, Bridget Higgins, Anita Kung, Marie Goldthorpe, Richard Cavanaugh

  1. Street Beautification
    1. Street Beautification, graffiti, gardens (Mary Anne)
      – All city donations were planted in barrels and survived thanks to a wetter summer
      – City painted electrical box at Davenport and Oakwood praised, with suggestions to have it photographed and circulated to encourage more of the same
      – AUTUMN CLEAN UP DAY – scheduled for both Saturday October 4th and Sunday October 5th at 10 a.m. at Rosemount Gardens and Spring Mount steps. Volunteers needed! Please come out one or both days.
    2. Garden Irrigation (John)
      – Congratulations in order as RHRA has finally achieved the 1st city installed in-ground irrigation system with seven segments to irrigate the Rosemount Gardens. Pressure is low if all segments are used at once, so it’s more effective in two stages. Suggestions to which member were to hold the keys to turn on the water were discussed; whereby, both John and Mary Anne had keys at this time. Perhaps Richard Cavanaugh would be willing to be the third member.


  2. Planning , Zoning, Communications
    1. RHRA communication changes (Peter and Dave)
      – As David Shanoff has stepped down, Peter and Dave have turned over this responsibility to an email service that complies with the anti-spam legislation. There is now a consolidated list of members. Individuals can join online through the RHRA web-site as well as unsubscribe.
      – The RHRA email policy was revisited, it states:
      “It is the policy of RHRA to distribute, upon request, information which may be of interest to RHRA members. Information of a political or commercial nature will not be distributed. Information of a fundraising nature will be distributed ONLY for projects and services of RHRA, for local schools, or for local social-assistance organizations. Disclaimer: This email is being sent to you for information purposes only in order to inform you of any issues which may be relevant to the residents of Regal Heights. Any views or opinions expressed in this email, or any attachments, are solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of the RHRA. The information in this email, and in any attachments, is confidential and for the sole use of the addressee.”
      – The last sentence of this policy was voted to be deleted.
      – Attachments will no longer be included as they are no longer an available with the service now in place; therefore, all items that will now be embedded
      – The new email service now in place is free up to 5,000 emails and subscribers. At this time RHRA totals 254 subscribers, well below the max. If there comes a time when RHRA does appear to be achieving this max, this service will be revisited then.
      – Art Dacks, the RHRA web-master, will be asked to amend the Policy wording as voted above to eliminate the final sentence. Additional to enable members to subscribe directly. Discussion was made as to how much information to request and still all members their privacy; whereby, postal codes could be considered mandatory and addresses optional.
    2. Crossing guard, Rosemount and Oakwood – as no one from the Councillor’s office was present, this item was deferred
    3. BIA liaison update – Margaret not present, but informed John that Tony Bolla, has quit as chair. No further details available at this time.
    4. Street sweeping of leaves and snow – John will ask the Councillor’s office if we can get a more thorough job done and have a schedule for regular sweeping and snow clearing
    5. Police Community Partnership (Rosa)
      – Attending the meeting held at St. Clare on September 4th, it was noted that an arrest was made of an individual for robbery and the items stolen were at the police station. The public was invited to identify whether items present were theirs. Unfortunately, the break-ins that occurred in the Regal Heights catchment occurred after this meeting, so the items available do not pertain to these robberies.
      – There is a retirement dinner event on October 2nd, and as there is a Councillor candidate debate on October 9th, no official meeting in October is yet available for publication
    6. Waste Strategy invitation from the City (John) – A public consultations is underway to discuss Toronto’s waste strategy over the next 30-50 years. Further information may be found at:, to stay involved – twitter @GetInvolvedTO, #TOwastestrategy. To receive updates – . The person in charge is: Kate Kusiak – Public Consoltation Unit, 55 John Street, Metro Hall, 19th Floor, T.O. ON, M5V 3C6 Phone (416) 392-3760


  3. Community events
    1. Schedule of meetings 2014-2015 – October’s meeting will be held at Beth’s place and November will be the AGM at OCI – yet to be cleared with the new Principal Richard Onosov. John to initiate.
    2. Street murals (Dave)
      – To introduce the idea of a street mural, it was decided that a chalk design would be a good start, with local children’s participation. After observing the road quality the best spot would be at Lauder and Rosemount, in front of Regal Road School.
      – As this is weather dependent to prevent the design from being immediately washed away, the project will happen on a short notice.
      – Ideally, it will involve the Regal Road School, not only for the participation of the students, but also to demonstrate the benefit of a more permanent mural
    3. Municipal candidates debate update – Margaret – not present, but the Mayoral Debate is scheduled for October 2nd, and the Councillor debate on October 9th. Since the meeting the location has been confirmed as OCI. Information will be sent to residents by email and a notice will appear on the RHRA website
    4. Pumpkin Carving/movie night Saturday October 25th – John will again provide the pumpkins as was done last year. Volunteers always appreciated. Additionally this year, Jamie Chow will initiate efforts to organize, later that same day a movie projection all TBA (location, movie and time)
    5. Heritage Walk still TBA – was suggested to coincide with the 100th Regal Road celebrations
    6. Call for photos etc. for Regal Road School centenary – to help build a mural display
    7. . Set Carol Sing date – projected for December 19th, with OCI to be contacted
    8. Event planning – 2014/15 – still in the works


  4. Community Welcome Project – (Beth and Harry) – many being distributed with some being specifically requested by residence. Additional garbage calendars to be sourced.
  5. Membership& Finances – Dave noted that some executive members had not paid and this was immediately rectified. Finances in May 2014 totalled $3,977 and on September 16-14 increased to $4,155 due to an addition of $162 to the Operation Fund and $78 regarding the Street Sale held in trust.
  6. Other Matters – none

Next Meeting – at Beth Marcilio on October 21st, 2014 at 7 p.m.