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Regal Heights Gateway

The new markings you see at the intersection of Regal and Springmount are part of an experiment to explore alternate designs for this intersection. The old layout had 2,000 square feet of surplus pavement, so we’re looking at ways to add some greenspace and make the intersection more comfortable for pedestrians. In addition to the new markings, the plan also calls for new plants and trees:


Provide feedback to the City of Toronto before the end of May, 2019 HERE:

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At the RHRA Annual Community Meeting in November, 2018, the following motion was moved by Sal Ritacca and approved by those in attendance:

“That the Regal Heights Residents Association ensure that all residents have an opportunity to have their voices heard and serious attempts be made to invite all residents to future meetings about the intersection. That any design proposal should as much as possible respect legitimate concerns that have been raised by residents including: water draining, leaf and snow removal, garbage collection, maintenance, safety (road, pedestrian, cyclist), and the preservation of the natural open nature of the space. And that those who live at the intersection be given an amplified voice.”

Potential Configurations (Let’s Dream!)

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These are some of the questions we’re actively exploring with City staff:

  1. The white plastic bollards are horrendous. Can there be fewer? Can they be shorter?
  2. When are the plants and trees arriving?
  3. Can we put some of the parking back in?
  4. How will snow removal and street-cleaning work?

We want to hear from YOU too!

Please provide your feedback here:        Provide Feedback on the Gateway Initiative

and/or send your feedback by email to: and

Schedule and Updates

Tuesday September 11th 6:30pm Informal Community Discussion @ Saint Nektarios (Dovercourt at Davenport) Event Report - Community Discussion
May 7, 2019 City Councillor Initiated Public Meeting (Davenport Library 1246 Shaw St.) Click to See Meeting Notice
May 2019 City has a webpage dedicated to this issue Click to Provide Feedback to the City


Example Bump Outs

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A History of the Regal Heights Gateway Initiative

Some neighbours identified that a Parkette at the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount  Ave. would be a good idea Click to see Parkette Proposal
Some guerrilla urban activism showed what could be done with the space at this intersection  
The Initiative garnered a lot of media attention! Click to See Media Coverage
The City held a public meeting and agreed to proceed with a pilot project to develop a new Gateway to Regal Heights at the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Ave.  
The City has scheduled a public meeting to discuss the results of the pilot project and to receive further input from residents Click to See Meeting Notice
The City has a website dedicated to the Regal Road and Springmount issue and is seeking feedback prior to the end of May 2019 Click to Provide Feedback to the City