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Regal Heights Gateway Initiative – Media Coverage

It started as a proposal to add a new parkette at the corner of Regal Road and Springmount Ave. This idea was to reduce some of the massive amount of pavement in the intersection to something that was safer, more beautiful and provided more green space in the neighbourhood.

Along the way, the initiative featured some guerrilla urban activism, an endorsement by neighbours at a Regal Heights general meeting, and a teriffic amount of media coverage. The initiatve also won an award!

Check out some of the coverage below:


Front Page Toronto Star Article

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City TV:

680 News:

The following motion was adopted, unanimously, by all local residents present at the 2017 Regal Heights Residents’ Association annual general meeting held on November 22nd, 2017:

The Regal Heights Residents Association requests our City Councillor to prepare and move a motion asking City Staff to report on the feasibility of transforming the surplus pavement area at the intersection of Regal Road and Springmount Avenue, allowing for a traditional three-way intersection, new green space and enhanced sidewalk connectivity.  The report should include any anticipated impact on safety, street parking, storm water absorption, garbage collection and snow removal.