Charles Caccia Memorial Tree Planting Event

On the morning of December 12, 2017 finally, the Caccia tree replacement took place at Regal Road School. it was cold but fortunately we had no snow to contend with. The tree is on the east side of the front door of the school and east of the flag pole.

Trevor Whiteside and his assistant did most of the work. Trevor is an Arborist, father of a student at Regal Road and a valued member of the Regal Heights neighbourhood.

The rest of us “supervised” and had our pictures taken by Cathy Araujo and her daughter.

We all added some soil to the planting and water.

Richard Cavanaugh, RHRA member,  dug up the plaque from the original location and it now resides in front of the new Service Berry tree.

Those attending were:

Marit Stiles, Our School Trustee

Rosemary Duguay who had worked for Charles Caccia when he was in office.

Cathy Araujo and her daughters, Monica and Rebecca (students)

Trevor Whiteside, Arborist

Joe, Assistant Arborist

Richard Cavanaugh

Cathy Chumfong

Florence Watts


Thank you everyone for all your help in this matter.

The tree will be lovely in the spring and a significant recognition of a remarkable man.

Regal Heights Residents’ Association

Charles Caccia Memorial Tree

Caccia 1
Caccia 4
Caccia 2
Caccia 3
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Thanks to Cathy Arauja and Marit Styles (from Twitter) for the photos.