There is a new proposal: The Springmount Parkette!

Have you ever noticed how HUGE the intersection of Regal and Springmount is? A few neighbours have gotten together to discuss how the space could be used differently and we’ve come up with a proposal that would slow down traffic, make the sidewalk crossing safer and add some green space! The design creates a traditional 3-way intersection, while maintaining the existing road width for both streets and even adds about six parking spots.

Check out the images below and send us your feedback! If you want to chat about the proposal, join us at the Regal Heights AGM on Wednesday November 22nd, which will feature a special discussion on the proposed parkette. 

Please note that the meeting on Sunday previously scheduled on the site has been cancelled. But please join us at the AGM!


For more information see our facebook page here!


What do you think of this proposal? Send us a note by email ( with your thoughts!


The Springmount Parkette