RHRA joins two-hour TTC transfer initiative

Image: AmyWalshHarris.com

For the past few years, transit riders in the neighbourhood have enjoyed an unlimited two-hour transfer on the 512 St. Clair West line. It allowed riders to get on and off the streetcar, without paying an additional fare.

That changed in September, when the TTC cancelled the program.

Now the RHRA has teamed up with other organizations to not only bring back the two-hour transfer on St. Clair, but to expand it to the whole system.

We have held a number of meetings with the Regal Heights Village BIA, the advocacy group TTC Riders and the Toronto Association of BIAs to plan a strategy.

Each year the TTC board draws up a list of proposed service improvements that it presents to City Council for approval. Our first task is to make sure the two-hour transfer is on that list.  If we are successful, we will then lobby City Council to adopt and fund the measure.

We believe an unlimited two-hour transfer is good for residents. It allows people to run errands, pick up or drop off children or complete shopping trips without the expense of an additional fare. It’s also encourages people to get off the streetcar to shop locally. Strong local businesses are important for a healthy community.

(Thanks to Regal Heights area artist AmyWalshHarris.com for the streetcar image at the top of our page!) 


November 28 Update: TTC Implements the Regal Heights Initiative, 2-Hour Transfer

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November 27th Update: MPP Cristina Martins speaks in favour of the 2-hour TTC transfer in the provincial legislature


November 17th Update: The Toronto Star endorses the 2-hour TTC transfer initiative (Toronto Star Editorial)


November 16th Update: Mayor John Tory, councillors urge TTC to introduce time-based transfers (from the Toronto Star)


November 14 Update: Regal Heights Chairman John Keating joins other members of the Twohourfares4TO team at City Hall













November 14 Update: Sign the letter to Mayor Tory here.


Check back here frequently as we’ll keep you updated on our progress.


Toronto Star Story on the TTC St. Clair 2-hour transfer