Regal Road School Renovation Issues

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We understand that renovations at Regal Road School were planned for this past summer to remove and replace an aging heating system and to include asbestos removal. Delays in the construction project meant that work was not completed prior to the beginning of this school year and some parents have been expressing concerns about issues related to the ongoing construction.

The RHRA has set up this website page to provide information to our members and other residents as it becomes available to us.

On October 13 a CBC news story featured this issue. A link to this story can be found by clicking here.


Oct 21st Update: Response Letter from the School Board. Click here to download in PDF

Response from the School Board

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October 19th Update: Open Letter from the Trustee. Click here to download in PDF format.

Trustee Marit Stiles Open Letter On The Issue

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October 18th Update: Notes from a special meeting of School Council:

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Oct 14 Update: School Trustee adds information from recent air quality tests:






Oct 13 Photos from the CBC Story

Regal Road School Renovations


CBC: The Toronto District School says most of the work being done in the basement has been blocked off from staff and students. All work outside the mechanical room is being conducted after school hours and on weekends. (Stephanie Ayers)


CBC: Gaping holes still remain in the basement ceiling. Parents are concerned construction dust will be spread throughout the school when the new heating system kicks in. (Stephanie Ayers)


CBC:: Regal Road Jr. Public School, located near Dufferin St. and Davenport Rd. has 600 students. It also houses a daycare. (Josie Stern, Sutton Group)

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