Zoning Matter on Springmount — Make Your Views Known

The RHRA has received notice of the intention to demolish 2 homes on Springmount Avenue (49 Springmount, 51 Springmount) and to replace them with 3 new homes.

The proposal can only go ahead if the City grants a number of variances from the zoning bylaw. There will be a hearing to apply for these variances on October 12 at 3:00 p.m. at the York Civic Centre at 2700 Eglinton Ave. West.

Click here to download a copy of the Hearing Notice

You can let the Committee of Adjustment know what you think of the development proposal. Send your comments no later than 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, October 5, 2017 to: Nicole Milrose at:  nicole.milrose@toronto.ca

You will find background documents about the proposal on the City of Toronto Website: Click here for direct access to the application documents

For any other comments or questions contact Harry Lay at: harrylay@bellnet.ca

Nov 24 update: Applicant appeals to the Toronto Local Appeal Body (TLAB)

Click here to download PDF of Notice of TLAB hearing

TLAB Hearing Notice

TLAB - Notice of Hearing 1_Page_1
TLAB - Notice of Hearing 1_Page_2

Click here to download the applicant’s letter of appeal: Applicant’s appeal letter and  Applicant’s Supporting Documentation


Applicant’s Letter of Appeal


Nov 20 Update: Update from Jennifer Wigmore

Hello Neighbours,

I felt it was time to give you an update on what is happening with the Springmount development proposal.

The developer has appealed the decision. No surprise. Our city councillor, Cesar Palacio, has filed a notice of motion with the city to fight the appeal. No date for the appeal hearing has been set yet.

The upcoming Regal Heights annual general membership meeting is this Wednesday and the development will be discussed. Mr. Palacio will be in attendance. I hope to see you there.

Jennifer Wigmore


Oct 13th Update: Update from Jennifer Wigmore following the Committee of Adjustment Hearing

Hello Neighbours,

I wanted to send out an update after the variance meeting yesterday.

Thanks to some hard work from the Regal Heights Association, namely Harry Lay and John Keating, a very strong letter from Councillor Palacio, a strong showing of residents at the meeting and our objection letter signed by all of you, we were successful in our objection and the application for minor variances was DENIED!

This is a small victory for our street and the protection of our neighbourhood as a whole. Thank you to all of you who helped make this possible.

Sadly our fight is not over. The developer/owners will probably appeal or redesign and make another application, but the committee was very forthcoming in their dislike of the way the current design did not fit with the topography of the neighbourhood. Hopefully this means a total rethink, but we will have to wait and see.

So congratulations, enjoy our beautiful trees and rolling green banks at least for a while longer.

Jennifer Wigmore
65 Springmount Ave

ps. As the developers of this project are not very transparent, if any of you hear from them regarding a new application, please let me know immediately. As I doubt they will reach out so far down Springmount.

Oct 9th Update: 17 Letters of Comment / Objection have been Submitted to the City’s Committee of Adjustment by Local Residents

Below are links to the submissions. Click on links to retrieve a PDF copy. Each will open in a new browser window

A. Garrison Jennifer Wigmore many signatures Jennifer Wigmore addnl
Rose C. Stella Ann Cummings Edwige Jean-Pierre
Andrew Manson Ted Heagle Emma Dix
Lowell Whitty Tyler Emond Suzanne Roberts Smith
Arjuna Satchithananthan Molly Gardner  Kwanza
Brian Lynn  Andrew Tay 

Oct 5th Update: Renderings of the Proposed Redevelopment

49 to 51 Springmount Proposed Development Renderings


Oct 5th Update: Message from the Proponent’s Architect

Oct 4th Update on Springmount Zoning Matter

Developers have submitted plans to tear down two rental buildings at 49 and 51 Springmount Ave. and replace them with three three-storey homes with parking garages beneath. The issue goes to the City’s Committee of Adjustment Thursday, October 12. The following letter was drafted by a collection of residents in the area, which they intend to present to the Committee of Adjustment. If you would like to add your name, please contact Jennifer Wigmore at jenniferwigmore@rogers.com

You can find out more about this application including information about the Committee of Adjustment hearing next week, on the RHRA webpage dedicated to this issue.

Download PDF copy here

Letter from concerned residents of Springmount and area submitted to Committee of Adjustment

Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_1
Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_2
Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_3
Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_4
Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_5
Public Hearing 49_51 Springmount ver 2_Page_6